Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Update

Helloooo weekend! And hello October! Two of my favorite things all rolled into one :) Autumn is settling in nicely around these parts and while life has by no means slowed down... I am finding little times day by day to enjoy my favorite season.

Speaking of seasons - wow, this one of raising 3 little kids is a fun one. And crazy.
My littles are growing up way too quickly and we are really trying to treasure the days and memories.
Jane, 4 months old THIS week!

Ava, soon to be 6! (in Dec.)

August, bouncy 3 year old
Jane is growing leaps and bounds and getting all chunky and completely adorable. I love it! She has just started doing this very loud yell/laugh thing and scares herself every time. She adores her big sisters and is really getting into grabbing at toys glasses and earrings. Ouch! Of all three girls she is my first spit up baby, which is taking some getting used to. Kinda hoping she grows out of that quickly. Otherwise, I would love to freeze time and keep her right as she is - curious, perky and loooooves her momma. On a few occasions now I have noticed that when I hold her, she lays her head on my shoulder and chest still - even though she is more then capable of holding her head up. She's my first baby to keep doing that into the 4th month! Loving it! Jane Evelynn, you are so precious to me.
August is really diggin' this whole big sister at school all day thing. {grin} We are finding our new groove and she's loving access to basically all the toys during the day. My Augs keeps herself busy which is so different (and refreshing) to me. That girls plays and pretends all day long! From tea parties to barbies to coloring and dress up - she's busy! I am so thankful for her happy disposition and easy going little temperment. The Lord knew I needed her. Her hair is finally long enough to put into a tiny braid or a mini-bun and it seriously doesn't get any cuter. :) Love love love my 3 year old! I'm eager to start preschool with her in a few weeks. We are just waiting for baby sis to catch onto her 4 hour routine first. ;)
Ava is my big girl now. In so many ways. Kindergarten is going wonderfully well and she enjoys it. We had our first parent-teacher meeting the other night where we found out she is above average in several categories, and right in the norm for others! So proud! Her teacher commented that she is a joyful child - always whistling, skipping, etc. Oh how that warms the heart! I don't always see that side at home. She is really into journaling and drawing - always has a pen in her hand... just like her momma. But don't tell her that! :) She turns 6 in December and I don't see how that's even possible.
Hubs and I are adjusting and enjoying a new phase in life with one in school. Brad is now a seminary student and just had his first "on campus" class in Kentucky this week. I think he really enjoyed his time and I know he loves the learning. Ministry continues to be busy and fruitful and we see many new salvations and baptisms at our church. It's awesome! We've had a whole slew of teens get baptized and it's been neat to see last years' class branch out to college and really already be impacting the world for Jesus! Out of the last class 4 of them chose Christian colleges or universities! We haven't seen that in all our 6 years here so far. :) Not that you can't make an impact at other schools - but what a cool experience to watch kids choose those schools for the purpose of becoming a pastor, womens ministry leader and teacher! We are excited to get to know the new classes now and build new relationships. I've been reminded recently how hard that can be - but how worth it the teens are. :)

Personally, I'm coming out of a bit of a slump. Housework and raising kids and full time ministry was feeling a bit overbearing for awhile... but, the Lord has faithfully pulled me through (sometimes kicking and screaming) and has restored the joy! Where would we be without our Father God? In my "down" time I've been doing a little crocheting, some decorating, a lot of kids clothes transitioning (3 girls?!!?!), started an instagram account, ordered my FIRST EVER IPHONE, welcomed a new niece into the world and started taking budgeting more seriously. :) Last night I was able to enjoy a girls night out with some of my best girls - which was so refreshing. It was the first time sans baby and we had a blast! Needed some mom time out and cheesecake factory was just the ticket!