Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random thoughts

Awww...Just as soon as we are all in love with the autumn weather - it starts to slip away. If you don't live in North East PA, you are missing quite a color show this year!

We celebrated homecoming @ BBC a few weekends ago. That is always an interesting, exciting, fresh time. I love going and seeing who has been recently married, or who is having what number of kid - it was neat to reconnect with people I hadn't seen in awhile and mingle with people I maybe didn't mingle with while in school. Homecoming brings out the best in people, I think.

Here is a pic of me and the hubby during Homecoming day - he's adorable! I love this picture! I love being married and I love Bradley!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things are a' changin'

It's October. The leaves are now bright fire red, neon orange and yellow. It's finally cooled down to the normal autumn temp after months of scorching 80's and 90's. The wind tastes like the coming winter which, in these parts, will all too soon be here. It's homecoming season, Football season, sweaters and hoodies season. All of the weddings are done, vacations have been ended for a while now, and kids are settled back into school. Wow, how fast things change. I never stopped to think about it- or maybe I was just to busy to notice. Now it's a daily acknowledgement. "Wow, I can't believe ____ is a junior this year", "can you believe so and so is having her 2nd baby already?", "I remember when we had to wear this and that". And, I'm 25. My mom always tells me "if you think life goes fast now, wait until you have kids". Things have changed and just like nature has switched seasons, so have the Pausleys.

Brad finished up his summer travels 2 weeks ago. It was a hard summer for me. I struggled a lot with him being gone so much. It affected parts of our marriage and we had a lot to talk about and were able to come up with some good ideas for change. When he came home we celebrated the beginning of Fall by taking a fabulous trip to a local farm market/orchard. We did the corn maze, the hay ride, you name it.... we had a blast and it was so good to be back together having fun. I love being married to Bradley - he is the joy of my day, but I have to admit... the last few months I've had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's been this little nagging voice, this little longing... yea, I want to be a mom. I want Brad and I to experience a new chapter in life. So many prayers and tears have been lifted up about this topic and for awhile it was a real wall for me. While I am totally satisfied with my husband, I love him and love giving all my focus on him, I just have this feeling deep within of wanting the next step. If you are a woman, I hope that makes sense. If you are a man... good luck.

All that to say - we are in process, folks! :) Just like the seasons, the Pausleys are changing as well. Preparing in our hearts and minds and dreams what life would be like as a trio. Things are a changin'...