Friday, March 30, 2012

A little Friday DIY

The mission continues...
Bring beauty into my home. Work with my hands. Create.

I came across this beauty of an idea this week on Pinterest.

The author of the blog (super cute blog) had shared the idea and apparently has used the sheet of music background for the last few holidays. Brilliant idea!

I love moss. I love the look of nature in the home. So I was ALL OVER this idea., how to learn super fast how to do it. Little Birdie Secrets had a step by step for the how to - and I kinda did my own thing based on that. Click above to see how SHE did it.

I'm proud to tell you that I had an actual craft night. Yes, me! I've always wanted to do that... just sit and craft - but always ALWAYS feel so stupid or lost trying to figure out how to make beauty. It's not a natural talent. Trust me.

After TWO hours {thank you Caramel Macchiato} on my front porch cutting, gluing, and perfecting - I finished my version. Wanna see?

I found the frame at Hobby Lobby normally $60, marked down to $11. You really could use any frame, I'm sure. My hubs brought me a hymnal from church storage {shhh} so that was FREE. The foam wreath, moss, and ribbon also came from hobby Lobby. {I had a gift card!} The daisies are from our wedding, yep, 6 year old plastic daisies! Woot Woot! I tend to like the darker, more natural, colors so I went with a jute ribbon overlapped with a shimmering champagne color, opposed to white and pink. And I'm not a HUGE egg person - so, daisies won that out. :)

The little glass dish in front I found at Salvation army - for cents. The moss covered rocks are DOLLAR TREE goodies! {no STILL haven't checked out Dollar Tree decor?!} And, just framed up another Easter themed hymn for an added look.

It shouldn't take 2 hours like I did. I was just really pokey and taking my time and enjoying creating. :) This was a SUPER easy project and you could change it up so many ways.

{Sigh, I love looking at it}