Friday, April 3, 2009

Date night with the man of my dreams

Do you remember your first date with the love of your life? That feeling you got in the pit of your stomach? That rush as you answered the door to greet him? For some of us, or maybe I should just speak for feels like forever since those days happened. Sometimes I have to sit and think really really hard to try and remember every memory like that - or read back through a journal to relive the emotions. All the same...tonight I am going on a date with the man of my dreams. The love of my life.
Ava will be 4 months old this month and we have yet to get away just the two of us. I haven't been rushing it... I enjoy being home ALL the time. I enjoy the diapers, bath times, nursing times, even sometimes the crying... its what I've waited my lifetime for. However, I also really enjoy my hubby. He's such a devoted, loving, fun guy! Outside of work, church and an occasional Saturday walk - we haven't been able to really connect while we are learning to be parents. So tonight is the night. We thank Aunt Amy for volunteering to keep baby girl so we can hit the big city! (Dickson City...that is)
Part of me...the weird over thinking part...feels a little nervous. What will we talk about? It's been so long since we've had ample time to make conversation... it feels like ages since we've even talked about anything other then diapers, how nursery went and did Ava do anything cute that day. I love the butterflys! I love how I'm excited to dress up and go out with my hubby tonight. I'm giggling because we are only going out for dinner at Panera...but I feel like we are conquering the world together again. :) He is everything I've ever wanted and I'm so thankful for him!