Monday, November 19, 2007

And then there was snow...

There's something magical and wonderful about the very first snow. This morning we woke up to a blanket of perfection covering everything. There's something peaceful and quiet, as if the earth takes a sigh of relief, a final cool down, a break... there's something that reminds me of the holiness of God, his purity, his grace and mercy. This morning I was able to take a few minutes away from the keyboard and explore the newly painted creation - it was breathtaking. I always and have always teared up with the first snow, even as a child. I'll never understand where the exhiliration comes from - but I know it's heavenly and God sent so I don't need to "get it". It's like a birthday present, all we need to do is say THANK YOU. :)
This morning I am feeling thankful, I'm feeling ready to hug my grandparents, to give my dad a kiss - to linger in a warm bed with my hubby while we talk about life, in our pajamas. I'm counting down the days towards seeing the faces of the people I belong too - we all need to belong, and I do. I love walking into my parents house for the first time... the smells, the dogs greeting us at the door, the familiarity of it all - it feels so good...kind of like the first perfect snow. Everything connects today. Thank you Lord God for your perfection!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ten days to Turkey day!

You know, I never call it Turkey day, I actually LOVE calling it Thanksgiving. What a perfect name for such a celebration. Gathering together with loved ones, good food, good memories to make - all for the reason of celebrating them and being thankful. I praise the Lord for my family, extended and beyond...what an amazing masterpiece my God has woven together with all of the dysfunctional, irrational, sinful, wonderful people in my life. Most of all I am thankful for His sovereignty in my life through the years. Many times I stop and wonder... what would my life be like if I had... or... could I still say I was thankful if...

This Thanksgiving. I'm burdened (once again) for my Grandpa Bill. He's now 82 years old, a retired, Korean war vet who has survived raising 3 boys and a stroke. He's a strong man, a determined man, a man who is always right... but a man who is lost and without a saviour. In my mind I know his days are not forever, but I haven't accepted that in my heart. I feel like God has preserved him for a reason... the ultimate reason. Yet, holiday after holiday... no cry out to God, no eternal decisions... Just me settling for him pushing it aside. I want boldness - I want gentleness - I want the gift of heavenly pursausion in his favor. Is there such a thing? I know the arguements - is he Chosen for heaven? Or not? I don't know where I stand with that conversation, but I do believe that his sins are just as forgiveable as mine - and I do know that God gave His only son and was pleased by His death and covering of sin. As the holiday approaches, I'm not only thinking of what new pie I will create...but how I will word my next letter to grandpa. He reads my letters and saves them - they are all in his top drawer right by his chair. Grandma says sometimes he reads them again and again...what could he be thinking about? Could he already know his need... but be too proud? This year, I want a new approach - I've been writing since I was 10. I want an approach that he will stop and see. Pray with me this holiday for Bill Grice, that his heart will soften to our Heavenly Father's forgiveness... that he will call on the Lord. This is harvest season - I am a laborer, this is not just a holiday vacation - at times it even feels like the front lines of a war. And I think that's ok and I think that's necessary for me... I live an easy life.