Monday, November 19, 2007

And then there was snow...

There's something magical and wonderful about the very first snow. This morning we woke up to a blanket of perfection covering everything. There's something peaceful and quiet, as if the earth takes a sigh of relief, a final cool down, a break... there's something that reminds me of the holiness of God, his purity, his grace and mercy. This morning I was able to take a few minutes away from the keyboard and explore the newly painted creation - it was breathtaking. I always and have always teared up with the first snow, even as a child. I'll never understand where the exhiliration comes from - but I know it's heavenly and God sent so I don't need to "get it". It's like a birthday present, all we need to do is say THANK YOU. :)
This morning I am feeling thankful, I'm feeling ready to hug my grandparents, to give my dad a kiss - to linger in a warm bed with my hubby while we talk about life, in our pajamas. I'm counting down the days towards seeing the faces of the people I belong too - we all need to belong, and I do. I love walking into my parents house for the first time... the smells, the dogs greeting us at the door, the familiarity of it all - it feels so good...kind of like the first perfect snow. Everything connects today. Thank you Lord God for your perfection!

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