Monday, August 25, 2014

And there she went

The first time I held that 8 pound bundle I knew I was in for a whole new adventure. For 5 ( and a half...she would say) years we've experienced the highest joys and most troublesome trials of this thing called parenting. I can count on nine million hands the times I have failed. But I can also tell you that each time we felt such grace from our God.

This morning I watched my girl turn a page in our story. She started kindergarten with such admirable courage...without even looking back.

And as I kissed her forehead and turned to leave her classroom the tears came. My tears. Did I do this right? How will she do? Please Lord send her a good friend. How can we moms have 100 thoughts all at once like that?

This afternoon as I nursed the baby, who reminds me so much of my Ava, I just all out cried. Are we really this far into the story with her? Kindergarten? Wasn't I just nursing her and babbling silly pet names to her in whispers while she cooed?

And while I'm tempted to imagine any and every bad thing that could be... I will think on truth and I will trust and rejoice in the Lords plan. And just as I felt my heart could bust - I get a text from a friend. She works at Ava's school. Seems my girl got to be line leader, and the tears again. Mine. I am so proud of that girl and I can't wait to hear every detail of her big day.

I embrace our new page in this story. And I'm thankful for that little school just down the road.

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