Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shocked & Amazed

Look at me all sitting down and blogging and stuff.

And, did you notice the new look? I've been finding moments here and there and thought it might be time for a little makeover, blog style. :) Now, to update that family picture and we'll be golden. But who has time for that right now? My darling third born daughter - you are loved. You will someday be represented. Here's a Christmas picture in the meantime.

Hi friends. Oh how life has changed now that we've added this third child. It's beautiful and messy and busy and wonderful all rolled into one. It's taken me til just about right now (almost 9 months) to feel like my head is above water, and I'm thankful to be getting there. Life is full for us right now between ministry things and having a child in school type of things to day to day life and relationships in general. FULL. To be honest some moments (days) have not been pretty for me - there has been a lot of ugly hard times, learning curves and just flat out failures. Those times have reminded me time and again how beautiful GRACE and forgiveness are! Thank you Lord for that! Also, thank you for elastic waistband pants, chocolate and coffee. Juuuust keeping it real, folks. ;)

We are doing well. Ava is still enjoying kindergarten, learning to read, and becoming a little writer. She has lost her first tooth and seems to be growing by the minute. I still can't believe she's 6!
August keeps me busy during the day with all things dress up, pretend, and being as sweet as sugar. I'm so thankful for her constant hugs - she seems to have the gift of empathy and tenderness. :) Jane is 8 months old and just about as darling as they come. She's at the pre-crawling, pushing herself back stage. So cute! She's a smiley momma's girl and I'm eating every moment up. My heart is in denial that June 6 and that first birthday is just peeking around the corner! What is it about the knowing it's your LAST baby that just tears at you?!!?

Some exciting things are coming down the pike for us as we prepare for the spring and summer. We've got some family trips and ministry things going on that we are pumped about. Including ME getting to sit through a real-live Jen Wilkin workshop at The Gospel Coalition. Wooooooot! Not to mention being in FLORIDA. The countdown is on! But right now we are smack dab in the middle of mundane every day. You know what I mean? School, kids, weekly routine, meals, homework, repeat. Not that it's a bad thing - just, feeling a little monotonous right now. Also feeling cold. Very cold. Maybe that makes the mundane feel more heavy?

I can't close a post down without sharing what I'm reading - and, thank you those of you who have mentioned missing me. Blesses my heart! And I love, LOVE giving these recommendations to you. Words are so important. God's word is MOST important, but I'm so thankful for teachers and writers who can write to help us learn too.

Mom Enough.
Remember Rachel Jankovic from "Loving the Little Years"? She's starts this one off and while I'm only on chapter two - it's fantastically encouraging! Gospel truth for the heart of moms! Dig in!

Miserly Moms.
LOTS of good ideas for those of you looking for ways to stretch your dollars.

Life Together.
Oh man. If you need an excellent reminder about Christian community together... this is it.

And, this little nugget below. I've been working on this (tiny) book for almost a year! Ha! But, it's so good and meaty. A little bit of a heavy, wordy, read - but great.
The Hospitality Commands.

Blessings to you, friends. Hoping to catch up soon! 

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