Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thinking back...

Nostalgia... It comes and goes for some people, that sense you get when you see an old toy that you played with as a child or when grandpa tells a story about the "good old days". Well, I am nostalgic all the time, I've decided. Lastnight we had a fabulous time with some friends from our church at a little event called "supper six", where three couples meet together once a month for a shared dinner. Maggie made the meat, I made the veggie salad and Rachel made the beans! We had such a great time eating, laughing, telling stories and watching all the kiddo's have fun. Mallory (3), Billy (1ish) and Aniyah (1ish) were just too adorable, and being with real families for dinner made me feel so completed and fulfilled lastnight.

It made me think back to being at home, with all my family around - cousins, aunts, uncles...everyone just there having a good time, laughing, telling the same stories... everyone just loving each other. Those were good times I'll always carry with me. And, it just added to the enjoyment that there was a REAL original Nintendo present. The boys played a while and then I had a turn with my good old friend Mario Bros'. Ahhh...memories. Even though I died right away (some things never change) it was just so cool to play again, I havent picked up the small controllers probably since I was in single digits....8,9..? It was a great night! I praise the Lord for these people, especially during a time when I've been feeling so down and alone. God does that, he comforts his children...he presents good in their lives. He knows my inward thoughts and feelings and I praise Him for that.

On another note... we were at Camp Bayouca this past weekend, where Brad spoke. While he was out doing his "prep" I had some down time to explore nature (my fave) and let me tell you Nature is just on the verge of exploding into gorgeous colors... enjoy some of the last pics of summer life. I had a blast poking around... and thankfully the camera was somewhat cooperative this time!

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