Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A good cup of coffee

This day has started off GREAT! Ava and I took Brad to work so we could make our way over to West Des Moines to visit with a new friend. Our final destination was Friedrichs Coffee http://www.friedrichscoffee.com/Main.html over off of 22nd?! (still learning my way around) The website is almost as fun as the actual shop, so check it out if you get a chance.

What is it about those cozy little coffee shops that just make you feel a little more warm inside...a little more wiser...a little less lonely? I dunno. Anyway, I had a great time getting to know a new friend, Laura, and adored the warm cup of coffee in my hands. I believe we were drinking "snickerdoodle" of which I promptly bought a 1/2lb of my own to take home. Yes, it was that good! As a treat I got a 1/2lb of dark Italian Roast for the hubs - he loves that really rich, dark stuff. An added bonus to this mornings adventure was that our cups of coffee were FREE! From 9-10 today Friedrichs gave away free cups of the lovely liquid! What a treat! Thank you to Laura for the invite and the sweet fellowship this morning... what a delight to get to sit in a nice shop like that to start off my day. :)

After the coffee was gone Ava and I headed across the street to Babies R Us. Oh dear... I admit, I love that place, but my frugle side somehow disappears and all of the sudden I feel like Ava NEEDS everything in that store. Good grief! Thank goodness we don't have a lot of money and that the Holy Spirit convicts me when I start to pile outfit after outfit into that blessed purple cart. whew! However, we did come away with some good buys - actual needs. :) Two adorable bath towels (she for some reason no longer fits into the newborn ones)... a new footed pajama, swimming diapers, a bathing suit (I waited til end of the season so I could the $20 suit for $6) and some new Nuby bottles - that Ava doesn't know how to work. Ugh. My favorite purchase is the new brown and pink mini-diaper bag I picked up for $9! I've been using my Vera Bradley tote since Ava was born...but, I miss it and want it back. This new little bag is perfect for our needs and comes a great price. :)

Overall, great day so far... now its onto the housecleaning portion. Not as much fun, but, I do enjoy tidying up a bit! And since that excellent flavored caffeine is still doing its job... let's go!

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Becky said...

cute post :) Glad that you're meeting new friends and finding your way around. Praying that it will continue to be a smooth transition :)