Saturday, August 1, 2009

When did my baby grow up?

Yesterday we were at a rehearsal dinner for Brad's cousin, Will and his soon to be lovely wife. What a fun time of family, food and fellowship - in that order. :) I always enjoy those massive family gatherings - sometimes I tend to sink into the background and just people watch. So many different personalities and "people types" mixed into one blood. Wow, just amazing. I credit our Heavenly Father for putting this mess together in a great way.
Anyway, it was a great afternoon and after all of the pictures, eating and socializing we all kind of retreated to the picnic table area where small talk started. I especially enjoy those times...getting intimate with family, hearing their heart speak, learning new facts and old stories, getting baby advice from all those who have done it before.
In the midst of all of this...I look down only to realize Ava is clapping. Clapping! When did my baby girl grow up?!

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