Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Vacay, and why my hubby is a rockstar.

We made the 10-12 hour drive to my parents home last night and today has been a laid back, lazy, recovery day. Two girls are napping and my awesome - navigator of a husband is conked out on the couch. It's just me, Food network, and the smell of a yummy apple pie baking around me. :) My parents always, without fail, have loads of good food packed in their deep freeze, cupboards and fridge. Such a treat to be here and help ourselves :)

Spring Break week is upon us and we are armed and ready for a great week!

I am truly, truly, so thankful for my husband and his love for me. I don't know a lot of guys that would be excited to drive 12 hours across the country to no-name town Ohio for a week, as his vacation. He genuinely enjoys coming, loves my family, goes with the flow… and it's such a blessing to me. He is a rock star!

Here's to a week of family, good food, fun memories and warmer days! Happy Spring break!

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Angie said...

Happy Spring Break!!
Enjoy, Enjoy :)