Friday, March 28, 2014

Being the hands & feet. My God is the provider.

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I have a confession.
I'm a selfish, worry prone, woman. And in the case of being a mother I find myself with these temptations more often. As I carry this current baby and quickly approach 31 weeks I have had my fair share of mini-freak outs. General ones about lack of space or disorderly closets, etc. Then maybe bigger ones about the "big" needs - you know... car seats, diapers, expensive things.

There was a time about a month ago where I just sat before the Lord and confessed my sin of selfishness to Him. Selfish because, I had a list of needs that I seriously felt took priority and when they weren't provided for I was angry and even felt a little forgotten. Can't we be so silly about things like that? This was not my first go-round with this type of situation.

But anyway, the Lord is GOOD and He provides on his perfect schedule.

In the last few weeks we have been recipients of baby clothes, brand new baby bouncer chair, crib bedding, and the offer of getting to "shop" in a friends basement for any other baby needs we might have. Which seem to be a lot right now, and I don't totally understand why as we already have two children. Ha! Just today a gal from church dropped off two bags of beautiful baby bedding and a new copy of Frozen (the movie), which blessed my socks off. And I'm learning another lesson - that we, the body of Christ, are the hands and feet, truly. God allows us to be used to bless and minister to one another. What a gift! What an opportunity! Do we have our ears and eyes open so that we can see these opportunities? Do I? After being the recipient of such blessings I'm challenged to look around and see where I can bless someone.

Just some thoughts. Thankful for a an awesome church family and a BIG, provider God.

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