Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainy day thoughts with the mushy post baby brain.

Today is the 3 week mark of bringing Jane into this world. Crazy how fast (and yet kinda weirdly slow) three weeks can go, huh? As I type the house is quiet except for the gears clicking in the swing that my wee one is rocking in. She is THE MOST AWAKE newborn I've ever :) 3 weeks and we seem to have gotten some sort of routine down which makes the organized part of my brain SO happy, but makes my mommy-wants-to-stop-the-clock part whimper a bit. She's already changed so much with newfound chub rolls and this smiling thing and growing out of nb size clothing. {sniff} But anyway, the house is quiet and I should be sleeping, too - but I never seem to be able to once I get all the children down. My body screams for sleep but my eyes won't seem to obey. I feel good, mostly, though I'm in dire need of a pedicure and eyebrow tweezing. I'm out of maternity clothes and nursing is going really, REALLY, well this time. Praise the Lord!

The learning curve of having three children has been interesting for me. I feel like I look at people differently now that have 3. Oh, I get it now :) How sometimes you get everyone loaded into the van and get in your own seat and see just what your 5 year old has chosen to wear that day (even though you lay out clothes for her...), or how the 3 year old is shoeless and then you hear that newborn blow out sound and realize you are going no where and fast. I get it now. I understand how even in the stink hot part of summer children no longer get a nightly bath, how dinner seems more like a drive in whirlwind of food rather then a normal sit down affair. I get it now. How 4am seems like a perfectly normal time to wake up and drink coffee because it's quiet... except you can't move because you are so exhausted so you fall back to sleep after nursing a baby and have a dream about a nice cup of coffee instead. I. Get. It. I also see and understand why mom's go crazy or at least feel like they are. My tongue has been so sharp the last 2 days and I'm in this horrible mix of over tired, emotional, adrenaline mode - even with help here. My oldest child wants to do crafts one after the other, my middle girl wants to be read my lap, constantly and the newborn seems to like only me all the time. How does a mom do it?! My lap never felt so big. Nor my heart. What a weird time in life. I am so tired and worn by the end of each day - but the Grace of God is so ever present in each moment. I know my strength is coming from Him and for that I am thankful.

It's been raining for 2 days in a row and the weather forecast looks like we have several more days of thunderstorms ahead. Part of me cheers and part of me cries. No outdoor time makes for stir crazy children. What a blessing its been to have my mom here this week to help entertain the troops. :)

3 weeks in and we surviving. I even had time in the Word this morning with HOT coffee next to me. We continue to learn and grow as a family - for better or worse. And we continue to be thankful for our new addition. I know these days will fly by... I'm trying to treasure them each in my heart.

Precious snuggles.

Our first outing to the park. 

Middle girl enjoying a tea party 

Oldest sis holding little sis

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