Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mid week Faves.

Well, we've made it to almost 5 weeks as a family of 5. I can't say it's been a breeze, but it has all been covered in grace for sure! I'm constantly being tested and feel like I learn something everyday. In lieu of a lengthy (probably emotional) post about my mourning my kids growing up, how tired I am, etc. I thought  it would be more fun to do a quick list of favorite things! These are things I've discovered or appreciated over the last month. Here.We.Go.

1. Favorite book(s):
The word of God and a really, really, great book on bible study.
If you aren't familiar with Jen Wilkin or The Gospel Coalition... take a minute and go check out THIS SITE.
Oh how my hunger for God's word and for non-fluffy TRUTH has been reignited in the last few days. I have found myself on more than one occassion in life basing my view of God on how I feel... dangerous ladies. Very dangerous. This book along with great scripture study through the old testament has really been challening my view of God and how I study His word. I definitely recommend this book!

2. Favorite treat:
Peanut Butter M & M's and regular coffee with coconut creme creamer. Lethal combination if taken together before breakfast...but, sometimes we mothers like to break all the rules :)
When my mom was here 2 weeks ago she bought me this XXL bag. Bad, bad, bad idea to keep around when you are sleep deprived and falling on sugar to sustain you. Delicious. But bad!

3. Favorite newborn:
Obviously - my Jane. Who has affectionately now been called: Janer, Jane Bane, Janie, Jane Ev, Evelynnie, and random other assorted ways of saying her name. :) We love, love, love this baby - who apparently wants held at all times.
She turns 5 weeks old on Friday and I think we are really falling into a nice routine. She is up just once at night and for only 20 minutes max. :) I'm finding myself really slowing down and just enjoying her. Savoring every minute... precious. 

4. Favorite blessing: MEALS!
Our church family is amazing. I'll just say that. Since Jane was born we have been getting 3 home made meals a week delivered to us. What a blessing it is to not have the extra task of prepping meals, grocery shopping, etc.while I continue to rest and adjust. We've had such yummy meals, too! These ladies really do glorify God in their service to us new mommas! :) We get our last meal today and then I think... I think, I'm ready to start menu planning and cooking again. 

5. Favorite NEW thing: Patio Furniture!
We saved the rest of our tax return and bought this 10 piece patio set from Menards. (This is not our yard..)
It's so great to eat our meals outside on the deck and I love the two recliner chairs and side table for extra lounging space after we are done eating. Summer may continue now :) 

6. Favorite smell:
Cozy Home, by Yankee Candle.
(found this pic online... )
The girls and I made a pit stop to a store called Tuesday Morning where I found this candle clearanced WAY down. And for those of you who know me well... I'm ALL about autumn, warm, smells. It's so cozy and really does clear the atmosphere when I'm feeling tense or stressed. :) 

Happy Wednesday! Hoping you can enjoy favorite things where you are! 

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