Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Live from TGC

Before I get into how AWESOME our trip to The Gospel Coalition is going...
Let's talk about my new short hair cut + Florida humidity = disastrous results. Seriously. Terrifying. This hair was done up all cute and conference ready this morning. I had done a pretty good job {if I say so myself} throwing in some messy waves/loose curls, and was feeling pretty hip. Then we stepped outside to admire the morning and how it was 80 degrees at 8am and... the rest is history. After three children being birthed my hair has gone from soft and manageable to this new wiry, weird texture, multiple colored mystery. Ah, what a blessing. So, here's to bobbi pins, hair product and some time this afternoon for a redo. :)

Florida. This conference. This resort.
We are having a great time! Yesterday was impacting as we heard from Dr. Tim Keller, Dr. John Piper and little snippets from Don Carson. Great stuff! The worship has been beautiful and focused. I'm loving the classic traditional hymns and we even got to be led by Sandra McCracken a few times - whose voice I love. Our hotel room overlooks the resorts gorgeous golf course and I cannot complain about the view. Yea Baby! Sunshine, GREEN, and everything beautiful. Although we aren't spending a ton of time outside {did you just read about my hair issues?!} it's so pretty!

The teaching has been phenomenal and I have a full line up of GOOD things this afternoon too, starting with a workshop with Mrs. Gloria Furman AND another of my FAVES Jen Wilkin. Speaking of which... I met her. Jen. I totally met her and she's so real and friendly. I got a small case of the "meeting a celebrity" jitters and started just saying things... like my mouth had it's own brain and I could hear myself saying "STOOOOOP TALKING" but couldn't. {blah} But, she was still sweet and we eventually got to chat about her Judges study.

Today we enjoyed a panel with several super godly guys that my husband and I look up to. Jon Piper KILLED it at the conclusion! So great. If you have time, here in a few weeks TGC will release all the video - take time to watch the panel on Justice. Worth it. And then, go back and watch whatever else you can because it has all been so top notch!

And just for fun because FOR ONCE the men get to see what its like... This is what the guys potty line looks like around here because the genders are a little lopsided. Which, is working out great for me and the other gals.

Perhaps my favorite part of this trip is all the time I get {uninterrupted} with my guy. We are truly having a great time and are beyond thankful to be a part of a ministry who sees the need for couples to get away, get refreshed, and grow together! I love this man and I'm thankful to God for blessing my life with our marriage. He's special. In more ways then one. ;)

So there you have it! Live from Orlando, Florida and TGC!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my dad is at that conference too! I just made the connection. :-) His name is Ron Thomas and he's there representing African Christian University.

Michele Simmons