Friday, April 10, 2015

'Twas the weekend before Florida.

In just 2 days we are flying down to sunny Florida! We are all feeling that buzz of excitment, and to be real, I'm feeling the drain of trying to get every-single-little-thing done before we go. My hubby is slammed with seminary homework and is preaching Sunday morning, and I've had more laundry to do this week then any other time I can remember. But we keep reminding each other... "Florida". Keep pushing through.

Tonight I had a few minutes to hop on here and give a quick life update. We are all doing fine, I should let you know. I just genuinely cannot figure out how or when to do more updates and posts yet. I'm also lacking a computer (unless my hubby is home with his), so yea, that's where we are now.

Did you catch my last post on All Things with Purpose? We hosted a Good Friday soup dinner here in our home and it was such a great time. Click here to catch up on that news
Next month I'm planning to reveal a BIG project that will start post-Florida - a plate wall in the newly (to be) painted dining room! So that's exciting.

The biggest girl is losing teeth and growing up and making me feel old. She finishes kindergarten in one month. One month. Don't even ask me where this year has gone! We have really enjoyed watching her mature and grow in her knowledge. She LOVES to read now, is learning all kinds of new fun facts and came home today telling me she was going to go make a "Venn diagram". Don't worry, I wasn't sure what that was at first either. This whole first year of school thing ended up going so well and SO much better then I had pictured up in my mind. Knowing how much she loves to learn I think I have my summer challenge cut out for me. Sitting around and playing still happens, but this girl likes to keep her hands busy. I love her.

My two littles have two goals every day: 1) Be as cute and cuddly adorable as possible and 2) Destroy every clean surface in the home the moment I walk out of a room.

So it's toys and sticker books and puzzles and games and books and dollies and blankets and teething toys and any other random thing... all day long. I love them. I love this life. Sometimes I don't even notice all the mess, but then other times it's enough to push me over the edge. August will be FOUR next month and loves to tell me this fact over and over. Break my heart! Jane, as you can see, is pulling her self up and into absolutely everything. It's a new world having three mobile children. I love it. And, can you even handle those baby thighs!??!? {sqeeeeeee}

As for me. Well, you know...
Even though life is busy and we are enjoying ministry and our children and our marriage, I still so often feel like I'm "blah". Baby weight to lose but no motivation to do so. House to organize and keep clean with no motivation to do so. I had hopes of having a small garden planted by now - but that's still on my list. Blah. Just blah. I cannot say I'm bored, but I will say I just feel blah. There are a zillion different thoughts in my brain all the time, I tire easily, I want to exercise and eat healthier but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sugar. Ha! And yes I see the cycle thank-you-very-much. Even my reading time and study of the Word feels a little...tired. And that's never the Word of God's fault, it lies with me. I'm thinking we just all need a break, good thing it's coming soon!

This week I had my hair done. But not just a cut - like a full on salon experience. I think I've been to a real professional salon twice since I've gotten married. It was awesome and I drank up every minute. When I walked in they gave me fruit infused water to sip while I waited. Before my cut I was given a stress relief neck and upper back massage with warm oil {seriously}, then taken to the paraffin dip for my hands. Now, I'm usually pretty satisfied with just that feeling of having my hair washed for me... can I ever go back to life without massages and paraffin? :) My stylist was sweet and chatty and it was wonderful to sit in that chair and get beautified for an hour. I'm not kidding about the hour - I had a lions mane full of hair that needed some major TLC. Now I'm enjoying a long bob and it's great! Isn't it a beautiful feeling to just feel pretty on the outside now and again? After this third baby I've been having some image issues - sometimes a hair cut helps. Simple as that.

So now it's Friday night. I have a little more laundry to do and there are some dishes in the sink - but, I'm thinking a night on the couch with a warm blanket, some cocoa and Netflix sounds WAY better.
Florida and 91 degree days are heading my way. Push through!

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