Monday, February 18, 2008

why i love teenagers

I love teenagers because...
-they have fun no matter what they are doing
-everything is a reason to clap and yell
-they either love God intensely...or, don't bother faking it.
-they say new words that i've never heard
-they give great hugs
-they challenge me to "behave"

They remind me of what God can do in a willing heart!

I love teenagers because...

-They use black eyeliner...a lot.
-style is whatever you want it to be
-competition is huge
-crushes, weekend romances, etc.
-when they cry, it's real
-that awkward shyness jr high girls have around sr. high guys.

-the way they interact with each other

-Colors of clothing

-hearts of gold

-that "odd" confidence they have in themselves.

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