Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sometimes i forget to blog

Maybe it's not that I forget...but I get so caught up in "what do I want to say" that I just give up, because could one Blog really hold it all?

Life is weird. Bradley and I have had so many curve balls in the last's like now I have my glove up just waiting for what's next...which isn't to say it's all bad stuff...but, sometimes I long for some normalcy. But then as soon as I say that I know I don't mean it - God is soo good to us, He is so faithful and so real in our lives.

We aren't going to Long Island - as we suspected we might. There was some redirection towards the end... and we just have to trust again that God has a better plan. And, as you can read below, I wasn't devastasted by the news...but did feel so sad for my hubby who is so proactively seeking where the Lord is leading. Even though we aren't going... I still wanted to share a few photos from our road trip there - while I wasn't impressed with much... there is nothing quite like a strong bridge. It represents so many things.

The whole time we were crossing I kept thinking..."what if this bridge fell"... which in turn reminded me of my faith in Christ - weird little minutes of the day where God uses things like bridges in NY to remind me of His power and presence in my life. I'm eternally grateful.
So now we are back to square one... and as the months pass we are asking God to please direct us - Please show us - send us! (dear reader if you know of any openings in churches...let me know)
Other news... in case you haven't already heard - God has blessed us with another pregnancy. I'll be 10 weeks on tuesday and have been as sick as a dog. While I know I'm still early... I can't help but rejoice outloud and with other people about what God has done! He has answered my prayers. And, even if he should choose to take this one away too... I will praise Him! Just feeling sick causes me to rejoice - I didn't have this last time. I love feeling like all of this is going towards something so wonderful. We are due in December and just counting down the days till our 12 week appointment when we can see our little creation. :) I can't help but start to look at baby clothes, toys, etc. again. God is good. He hasn't forgotten me.

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