Friday, September 25, 2009

The amazing napping baby

Ava has been consistently sleeping in and taking HUGE naps (up to 3 1/2 hours) for the last week. The first few days I still woke up wondering, "why am I so rested?" but the last few I roll over to see its almost 9am and think..."WHAT?".

This is an amazing stage in parenthood. 9 months, that is. Ava is spunky, adventerous, happy, expressive... and, energetic. I credit the long naps and sleeping in to have active she is during her day. The girl has to get 40 miles in... :)

It also reminds me that our lives are changing.

With her amazing napping skills have also come some pretty talented ways of disobeying - do we call it that when they are so little? I do. I feel totally unprepared on how to discipline this tiny girl (ok...not so tiny, but, compared to a toddler, small). She does not respond to pats on the bumper, so we stopped that. Hand squeezes and firm verbal "no's" are responded to with smiles and swats at momma's face...grrr. I began hand swats this week - to which she yells back at me and then grins this EVIL grin. It feels unnatural to have to start this so early - but, we know sin knows no age, amen? So, while she was napping this morning I continued on reading my incredible read of the month "The most important place on earth" by Robert Wolgemuth and todays topic just happened to be about Discipline - funny thing. He had several good reminders for me on how to start now so that discipline starts and remains effective. Be swift about it...dont' wait and let things pile up so that I'm about to blow my top because of frustrations. Deal with each incident as they come. Good reminder. Be precise - MUST let Ava know what she's doing that is wrong EACH time. "Do" discipline in love. And this is my favorite part - although she doesn't get it now. Each time she gets a hand squeeze, swat or firm "no" I take her away from whatever it was and hold her - look into her little 9 month eyes and tell her, " I love you, you need to obey momma." And almost always, even so young, she gives me loves - hugs, kisses or just lays her head on my arm. WOW.

My amazing napping baby, growing and changing... I love her. I love this experience. Check out that book if you get a chance. Really good.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Wow -- I'm definitely going to have to check that book out! We are in the same discipline stage with Lily. It's so challenging!

Krsiti said...

ah... yes. I agree - sin knows no age!