Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When my heart is passion-less

Lately I've been frustrated with myself. I just can't seem to get a grip on attitudes, thoughts of my heart and rediculous habitual sins. Every morning when I wake up I pray that God would give me the strength and wisdom I need for the day... He's already given me the help and hope. And then sure enough opportunity presents itself - and, I fail. I feel like I'm trapped on a hampster wheel lately. Round and round I go with my "issues" chasing after myself...and maybe therein lies the problem.

I'm humbled this morning after reading from the book of Acts about the passion of men like Peter, Silas, Mark and Barnabas. Obviously, men still not without faults and flaws...but men who made their main purpose in life to follow God and do HIS will always. This morning I was blown away by reading how Peter was actually physically stoned...to the point that his tormentors thought he was dead, but he got up (after being dragged away) and continued on preaching, teaching and reaching those in need of a savior. I'm not asking to be stoned - but, why can't I have that passion when I live in such an easy place in life?!

So today as I go through my tedious, somewhat mundane Tuesday I am purposing in my heart to be passionate about my God. I know that if I seek HIM I WILL find him...in all the little ways.

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