Monday, November 7, 2011

coming to the end

Last week I snuck out for a few minutes while the children were napping. Snuck out... to my backyard. I know, life on the wild side, eh? Anyway, I was hoping to snap a few pics of the amazing leaves and bright blue sky before it all fades away. This weekend it seemed like the last of the leaves fell and although the sky is an amazing cobalt blue this morning... I know, that too, will fade to gray. I don't complain. I actually look forward to colder weather. I love sweaters, jeans and cozy socks. I love the holiday season. I enjoy all the special coffees, tv movies and whatever else comes with being inside. It's me.

All that said...
it's kind of weird to see summer and even fall quickly come to an end. Just like that. What a strange, trying and wonderful season it was. Was it really just 4 months ago I was lying in that hospital bed? Do I really have an almost 6 month old baby now? Were we eating grilled meals just a few weeks back? Life just speeds past. Not to sound morbid or like Debby Downer...but, Fall really does represent the End. It's been such a potent reminder to me lately. Life is short and we have to MAKE IT COUNT. Beauty is fleeting, hearts are eternal.

This all sounds very random and jumbled, I know. I'm still just working through so many thoughts and lessons learned. Maybe someday I'll have it all figured out. But, today, we'll just enjoy another gorgeous day and the reminder that ALL IS GRACE, all is GOD GIVEN. And we'll say thank you. Today I'm also thankful for...

- teenagers going door to door handing out cocoa packets and asking strangers if they can pray with them
- my husbands chipper morning self
- incessently babbling baby girl
- almost 3 year old who LOVES to play
- a warm house
- wearing hubs sweatpants on a cold morning
- coffee, always coffee
- a break in the routine
- getting approved for the financial aid program for our med bills - 80% discount! AWESOME.
- going "home" to Ohio in two weeks, family members meeting our newby for the first time


Rie said...

I get it, I really do. Sometimes a moment of rambling is the best way to express yourself.

And rambling while sneaking away - that's the best kind!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

You are so right... we really do have to make it count! What a wonderful family you have. Yay for the financial aid package... that is awesome! Hope you have a great trip home to see your family! Beautiful list!