Tuesday, December 6, 2011

.:This, that, and the other thing(s):.

I'm finally sitting down for a few minutes of quiet. All three children are asleep, the sun is shining and a few flurries are blowing about on the wind. It's freezing cold. I.love.it. This morning the kids and I watched the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie and then I continued putting up some decorations. A little at a time. It may take me all month. August slept well lastnight - and woke up at 6:30! PTL! This is a big answer to my prayers and I'm hoping for many more mornings starting that "late". :)

Today I want to share a list of "this, that, and the other thing(s)" that I am thankful for. My life really is a bountiful one. We never lack. I am so grateful for all that we have...and for all that we struggle with. This past Saturday night a lady from church used the expression, "struggling well", and it stuck with me. I want to struggle well. Speaking of "struggle" - I got my blue bravo star in Weight Watchers last week! I'm down 5 lbs! What a great encouragement. :) Now...onto those "things"....

Let's start with coupons. I'm thankful for friends who think of me and share their coupons.
I have never gotten a catalina for the formula we use :( Boo. Even though we buy it at least twice a month. Weird. Thankfully, these were given to me this weekend - and, if I time it right... might be enough to last several months :)

Next up...Pinterest. I'm thankful for Pinterest and it's plethora of ideas, recipes, and just fun things. I have TONS of things for Ava and I to do together! This was our first "project".
We hung it up today. It's just Ava-girls hand prints in the shape of a C-mas tree. We used tissue paper for the "star" and brown cloth for the "stump". I wrote her name and the date. I'm planning to hang this up yearly - I treasure it and the memories from making it with her. :)

My children. They are a blessing to me. I am so thankful for these two amazing girls. And I love this stage where they crack each other up... I've heard rumors that girls grow up bickering and fighting. But for right now {and Lord willing - a while longer} I'll enjoy giggles and songs and out right belly laughs from both.
Ava has attached herself to the new nutcracker Grammy sent back home with us. She plays with it all day and says, "look, Mommy, it's me". I don't have the heart to tell her she is NOT a nutcracker. First thing when she wakes up she picks out a dress up outfit. Usually something frilly with wings - and wears it the entire day. Occasionally she'll ask to take off the wings for naptime. They "bodder" her. :) I love, love, love having girls!

And my precious August. 7 months this month! really?! She started "Scooting" backwards yesterday - and just gets so frustrated by the fact that she moves further and further from the toy that was right in front of her. It's hilarious. I made some homemade Rutabaga baby food and she loves it. No teeth yet and we are fine with that. She's my cuddly baby, and I love it. Somedays all she wants is to be planted near me on the floor or couch. Perfectly content with just her little hand on my leg. No toys. Nothing to chew on. Just me. I am blessed.

And while I don't have any recent pics... I'm most thankful for my husband. He has shown such an example to me lately of selfless love. The dishes are done, dishwasher loaded and unloaded, living room tidied and whatever else he can see to do...he does. I don't even ask. He takes his roles seriously and I'm so thankful for him.

I'm reading through the book of Luke this month and I was relating so well with Mary's words {tho, I am not carrying the Christ child..or ANY child} on Magnifying the Lord. Go ahead and read these out loud...

"Mary said,

My soul praises the Lord’s greatness! My spirit finds its joy in God, my Savior, because he has looked favorably on me, his humble servant.

Luke 1:46-48

It is so, so, easy and tempting to forget about God this month. Seems like the opposite would happen, but, no. I forget. You forget. I want to be intentional in seeking God in this season. I want to magnify Him and find my Joy in Him...like Mary did. So thankful for this rich life.

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