Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Catching up

Well, well, well...

July 9th, summer is underway, it's muggy-sticky-hot, my husband is on a missions trip with some of our teens this week, and I'm absolutely in standing still mode with packing up our home to move. Hmph.

I may have pinned some Autumn ideas on pinterest.
I may have been listening to Christmas music on Spotify.
I may have put my black sweat pants back on now that kids are napping.
I may lie in my bed and read the next Lynn Austin book in the series I'm in, rather then pack.

Ah yes, summer. While I do enjoy your pleasant views of green and blue - the splashing of pool water and the nice shade of "deeper paste" on my skin... I don't care for the heat or the sweat. Jus' saying. But there are some postives. In a few weeks we'll head to camp with our teens and stay in a cabin in the woods. LOVE that week every summer. Then there's the whole... not having to shovel snow, etc. :)

But I'm getting sidetracked.
Life is busy here. Ministry is busy, kids are growing and changing up here at home, boxes are everywhere, and we still have some time to go. We are doing a lot of pantry eating to keep from spending money - that has been interesting. I'm beyond thankful for my girls love of canned beans :) I tell you what, they could probably eat those every night and be happy.

The Lord continues to provide over and above what we even ask for in the area of "needs". We have been given shoes for our girls, clothes and coats, random bags of canned food, gift cards for birthdays, etc. I'm writing it all down in a notebook and I'm trying hard to pause at some point in each day with the girls to share with them how the Lord is working in our lives. Somedays they just don't care...but, I pray someday they will.

To be very honest - I'm struggling with the here and now. I feel like we are living in transition and it's difficult for me. The unknown with our move, the wait before the new house, really not having a "summer" because of packing/unpacking/basement living... it's just weird. Daily I find minutes in my day where I'm just emotional and feeling out of control - and it really takes a disciplined effort to stop and remind myself that God is in control, has a plan, and...it's a good one. Then all is well again. Oh how I long for the day when I'm no so fickle.

Overall, things in Pausleyland are fine. We are crazy busy and scattered, but fine. The Lord is good and righteous and pursues my heart and brings me back to truth every time I start to wander. I'm thankful for that.

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