Monday, July 15, 2013

My Favorite Things Monday {new!}

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Hi all! Today I'm linking up with September McCarthy over at One September Day, for "My Favorite Things Monday". I love this idea. Then, as I was gathering my thoughts, etc... realized my camera card is missing, half my home is packed up for our move, and... more. So, a LOT of my things will be shared from Pinterest. Loving that database of good ideas! Won't you join up with us and share your favorite things? Check it out here! 

First up... Favorite Foods/recipes right now:
Crunchy Ramen Cabbage Salad from
Chinese Cabbage Salad is a household staple around here. We make it year round and it's one of my husbands favorite things to eat. I love it because my kids are willingly eating cabbage :) It's also one of my faves because you can change it up with different kinds of oils, vinegars and nuts for the crunchy topping. This recipe here is one of the bests! 

Bananas rolled in Greek yogurt, crushed almonds, and cinnamon, then frozen. Healthy treat!
Yum. Bananas are one of my all time favorite foods anyway...but, pair it FROZEN rolled in yogurt, nuts and cinnamon and it's even better. My only recommendation is to eat them FAST and don't leave them out - they go soggy and brown super fast after being frozen. Super easy, super yummy and pretty affordable too. I made these for a playdate in the Spring and it was a hit with my kids! Check out the recipe here.

Another super easy (and affordable!) summer fave food right now is watermelon cookies. My girls love choosing what kind of "cookie" they will have by choosing their own cookie cutters. We do most of our shopping at Aldi and right now you can get a large watermelon for around $3/4 bucks! That's A LOT of cookies! 
Watermelon Cookies. yummy!!

Moving right along. 

Favorite FREE things right now:
Lastnight my husband taught me that you can exchange your empty Starbucks bags for FREE iced coffees. I've always just ordered my free coffee hot and plain, because I thought that's all you could do. Nope. They are more then happy to throw in some ice cubes, skim milk, and classic sweetener on the house. Score! Say what you will about "big"bucks coffee...but, you cannot beat a free iced coffee made FOR you! So, save those bags and cash them in while it's still hot outside. Side note: If you don't want your empty bags - we are always accepting donations :) 

Also, Library summer reading programs. Bless them.
I signed my girls up in June and they had to complete 15 activities to earn a FREE book and two FREE passes {a piece} to our local zoo. And the sign up was free! So, we did our activities - which included a nature hike, do a finger play, read a book, sing a nursery rhyme, etc. and then we cashed in. Each girl got to choose a free book to keep and they handed me the zoo passes. Seriously, so free and so cool. It's not too late - check in with your local libraries and see if they have anything going on. 

And, I'll wrap up this time with Favorite Fall decorating ideas:

While everyone else is enjoying summer. I have to admit...I'm always dreaming of Autumn. It's my favorite and were it fall year round, you'd hear no complaining from me. :) Some of my fave ideas for that season are below. You can find them all on Pinterest. 

Wreath and Pumpkins as a Centerpiece for Thanksgiving
I like to keep it simple and natural. So I'm loving lots of pumpkins, twigs, wreaths and dried flowers.
fall porch

Fall decor
But, for now I'll be content and thankful for hot summer days, swimming pools and popsicles. :) 

Enjoy your Monday...and maybe even some of YOUR favorite things! Thanks for stopping by!


Angie said...

I love Autumn too but I don't love that Winter follows it!

September McCarthy said...

LOVED your list! I didn't know that about Strabucks - sooo cool! And the banana popscicle looked soo delicous - I am trying that! Thank you for linking up - I am loving the inspiration! See you next Monday! Hugs!