Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trinkets & Treasures: A Mom's pondering...

I'm on my own this week while my husband enjoys a conference in NYC. He had invited me to join him, but I'm thinking that walking the big city at 31 weeks pregnant is not my cup of tea. Not at all actually. So I've got time this week. I've also got lists of things to do...but, that's another issue. {grin}

The last few days I've been mesmerized with my little girls, and let me explain. There is something fascinating about listening and watching little girls play - it almost always involves some sort of treasure or trinket. In my girls case it's jewelry boxes, small polished stones, shells from the beach, occasionally one of my necklaces, dress up shoes and small stuffed animals. Their treasures. My first born especially seems to have a disposition to hoarding, we'll work on that later. Her bed is chock full of every kind of toy possible with just a slim snuggle in room for her own body. I remember being the same way when I was 5 - feeling like each and every treasure needed to be with me at all times.

My soon-to-be 3 year old maybe displays her love of trinkets and treasures the best. She wears them all the time. If you know us at all or follow any of the pictures I share you will almost always see her in a dress up dress loaded down with necklaces and bracelets and the works. This morning is no different. Here is how I found her as I sat down to write:

Her sisters church dress and her special blankey as a cape. :) 

Trinkets and Treasures and all the things childhood is made of. We learn early that some things are just more special and worth taking care of. In the last few days as I watch them play and pretend it just draws me in but also convicts me. What am I treasuring now?  Am I still chasing after silly things like a 2 and 5 year old - all that glitters? Over our spring break I was given two beautiful pitchers and I suppose they are kind of treasures to me. I've started collecting them and right now they are kinda my favorite. I love the details, the history (one was made in the 1800's) and how they fit in with my other white pitchers. :)
But as sentimental and lovely as they are, they can't be my ultimate treasure. And maybe this is where the Lord has been hammering on my heart lately - LAY IT DOWN. The things and people I cling to who are taking the place of where only ONE should be. 

This morning I read this sentence -
"It doesn't matter where you are from or what your circumstances are; the greatest reality a mother can appreciate and rest in is the work that Jesus has done on the cross on 
our behalf." 
-Gloria Furman, "Treasuring Christ when your hands are full"

And that is our treasure as mothers, as women, as people who believe - Christs work on the cross. Looking back over the last few weeks of my life it is so evident that I value and elevate all these other trinkets above the true and lasting treasure of that sacrifice. Thanks be to God for his grace and mercy in loving me, pursuing me, and not getting annoyed with my overwhelmed - distracted self. 

Trinkets & Treasures - doing a lot of mom pondering today. Funny how watching our children can sometimes be such a mirror into our own lives.

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