Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014 {Thoughts}

Well, my due date is looming in front of me... 5 days. I've been "checked" for the last several appointments and remain at a 1cm. So, if I don't go into labor before - Tuesday I have a non stress test and ultrasound to check on baby. While I haven't taken too many pics of this belly, here's one from 2 weeks ago - roughly 37ish weeks. And I laugh at the poor, poor, quality of my little ol' cell phones pics :) But you get the point.
In the meantime we have:
-Ava's 1st dentist appointment
-a ballet rehearsal and recital the next two nights in the next town over
-one more graduation open house
An entire week of Vacation Bible School at church, of which my husband plays a large role. :)

It makes my head spin and sorta dread when my girls are older and get into sports and activities. I am a homebody through and through. But for this moment today, I'm sipping my coffee, enjoying my young children and waiting for a baby to come. May ends this weekend and then life changes for us. A new season, in many ways.

Despite my elephant ankles and restlessness I have gotten a few house projects done. Though my list goes on and on and on. We ripped down some wallpaper on the basement stairs and were pleasantly surprised to find GRAY paint underneath :) I've been working on our finished side down there and finally got my dresser painted and curtains made to hide the "laundry side". I'm planning to paint the walls green :) GREEN! Everything down there is cream and bland, so it's getting a makeover. In time. The dresser was FREE and given to us about 5 years ago - I spray painted it white and spray painted the pulls metallic bronze. It's now perfect for crafts of all sorts for the girls :) {Also, may make a great place to stop and fold laundry... until I get my vignette up above it}
The curtains were super easy and I whipped them up on a saturday morning :) I bought the material and made them, then realized we had about 5 inches on the bottom...too short. So I grabbed my extra burlap and extended them. LOVE how it turned out.
Life rolls on and we are eager to meet our #3 girl! Especially these two, who, now that they share a room are enjoying the pleasures of all things 6am. {Sigh}
Photo: These two woke up with the birds (literally) to put on their red/white/blue dresses. Happy Memorial Day! Special thanks to the past and current soldiers in my life!

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So excited for you! :).