Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mixing everything at once.

I feel like a human blender today. I'm working on being very pregnant (37 weeks!) while finishing up the nursery and misc other 100 jobs I can think of to be "ready" for baby and family to follow. Note: Why DO we put so much pressure on ourselves to make things "perfect" for the mom that's coming to HELP us?! :) Rant over...continue.
I'm also working full steam on my baby girls THIRD birthday party to be held this Saturday after a busy afternoon of high school graduation open houses. Whew. I'm tired and it's only Wednesday. Tack on the everyday chores, raising two bouncy girls, ministry responsibilities and preparing somewhat decent meals... it's just a big mix of life. And it's all good.

This weekend my husband was THE MAN. He spent most of his day off on Friday helping me clean the house and really did mostly everything himself as I can't seem to peel myself off of the couch. :) So thankful for him. We binned up and moved about a million bins of girls clothes down to the basement - and I feel a little more organized. We purchased bunk beds online, as well as a few other needed items for the new babe. And then he made Mothers Day so special complete with gifts and a wonderful lunch at my fave place - PF Chengs. :) Yum! I napped all afternoon and that night went out with some girl friends for a ladies night. It was heavenly. These little ladies are what make me a mommy and I love them to pieces! Even though they make ridiculous faces.

As I mentioned, my baby turn 3 on Saturday. I'm struggling with that just a little bit because all I can see is this pic of her fresh face the day after she was born.

Photo: Planning out a 3rd birthday party for my tiny one. (Sigh) I cannot believe she will be 3 and I cannot believe how that makes my heart a little sad.
So, time seems to have once again slipped on and my newborn is turning 3. (sniff) I know my arms will soon be filled with newborn-ness, but each child is so precious and special. I always kinda mourn the growing up part. 
I'm planning a special Fairy themed birthday party for her this weekend I can't wait to make it happen! Really praying for enough energy and that the day goes so well. Hopefully I'll get some pics up of the actual day, but here's a peek at just a few of things I'm planning for my special fairy-obsessed-little girl :) 
Fairy houses: we'll be decorating our own.Walmart had tiny houses for .97! Auggie calls them "Stuck houses" because Tink got stuck in one in one of the fairy movies :) I love it! We have all sorts of glitter and sequins and stickers to make them lovely. :) Still debating the moss... would 3 year olds enjoy that?
Flower fairy birthday party, make their own fairy garden/fairy house.

And, a dum dum tree. Just because its cute and easy and yummy. August thinks Dum Dums are the best candy ever. 
bday idea for the food table

And then just some every day birthday party fun... 
I'm planning to fill an inflatable pool with those multicolored plastic balls - ball pit! And we'll have streamers and fairy wings, etc. Oh I so hope my girlie feels special. 

All kinds of busy going on all around us. We are in the homestretch and I'm secretly hoping that maybe this baby would want to join us in 2 weeks rather then 3. We'll see! 

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Angie said...

Your my hero! My last trimester all I did was sleep. I was lucky to make it to the restroom to potty LOL!