Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm here, I'm fine, I'm... very pregnant.

Would you believe that for this entire pregnancy I have taken maybe 4 pictures of myself? 4? I documented so well the growth of the belly with my last two babes, yet somehow baby this time is just not getting the picture time. I'm seeing more and more how all those sayings about "Third borns" are true. :) Hopefully we'll remember to take one at the hospital before go-time.

I'm 35 weeks and the finish line is in sight! It's beyond crazy to me that we are already to May and that in just a few short weeks baby will be here in our arms (Lord willing!).
We still have some projects to finish up:
-Purchase bunk beds and move August in with big sis
-Purchase additional mattress for said bunk bed
-Fix up the beat up crib and move it back to highest position
-Move the girls newly painted shared dresser to their shared room
-Take a hospital tour. We are delivering at a new hospital and I'm a bit nervous.
-Order the new pump...really hoping insurance goes a long way for this item!
-Paint the nursery? I SO want this to happen, but when?!
-Plan and celebrate Auggie's THIRD birthday!!!!

Pregnancy wise I feel GREAT just pretty tired all the time. My husband is awesome and has been the picture perfect patient, loving, and errand running kind of daddy to be (again). I'm so thankful for him and the 10pm run to the grocery for pre-cut watermelon, ice cream bars and coke lately. :) He's the best and I'm severely thankful. Even when day after day after day he comes home to a less then tidy house... what a treasure.
I've been having days, full days, where I have contractions all day off and on and no position changes or water drinks stop them. No one seems concerned and then the day after they are gone again. I'm curious to see what my dr says next week at my 36 week appointment. I'm also curious if I'll have another due date baby, go late like daughter #1 or... will we have a surprise EARLY girl? I love pregnancy but I'm starting to think a late May babe might be ok too. :)

Today I used up my Target coupons to stock up on diapers - and because I'm pretty random and love trying everything, I got one of every package... some pampers, some Huggies and a package of UP & Up for down the road. My mini-stock pile seems a little more hopeful now. The Lord has provided for us in HUGE ways with this baby by means of people giving us their gently used stuff, it's amazing. We now have a plug in swing, new travel system, bouncers, clothes, exersaucer. etc. There are just a few "must buy" items left! :)

Life wise... we are doing fine. It's the end of the student ministry year and we are full steam ahead with banquets, sr trips, open houses, graduations and normal end of the season stuff. As much as we love our youth staff and teens - I think everyone is ready for a beak in routine, not to mention some summer weather!

I've been so hit and miss around the ol' blog and I can be sure it will stay like that for awhile. But, I'm here, I'm fine, I'm very pregnant. :)

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