Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Sky Wanted

I'm so thankful to live in Iowa. It's been mentioned before but I'll say it again - God was so kind to bring us here {almost} 6 years ago. The seasons change, there's enough city vs. country, and I am content as could be. We live just outside of the Des Moines metro in a small suburban township - all my neighbors are either retired or my parents age. It's quiet. Lawns are kept, back yard gardens are tended, and people keep to themselves but actually do care about their neighbors. It's not uncommon for me to see one neighbor getting another neighbors mail, or pulling their trash bins back to the house. Right at this minute I'm watching two neighbor men have a conversation... in MY front yard. And it's normal. Come winter it's normal to see people shoveling driveways not their own. We've been the recipient of that several times!

All this to say I genuinely feel content, I'm not the personality to see places in books and magazines and think "man, I have GOT to go there." Until... this weekend. And now that I've seen the pictures and they've seared into my brain, I can't get the Big Sky out of my mind. I blame this book: "Big Sky Cooking" by Meredith Brokaw.
I had an hour to myself this weekend so I took a whirl through our library. Without fail I end up in the cookbook aisle and feel overwhelmed and yet weirdly excited at all of the options! The title caught my eye and one glance inside won me over.

Montana. This cabin. The rocking chairs. The plains behind it! That old rickety fence. Isn't that beautiful?
I could picture myself, coffee in hand, early in the morning watching the wild animals run through the hillside. It's fun to dream isn't it?

And then there was this picture. I'm not a cowgirl, though I do enjoy a horseback ride. But look at those mountains! Easily, I could become a cowgirl if it included strolls through these meadows with those mountains in the back drop.

I think I have Big Sky fever. 
The recipes in here are even better. It covers everything from simple recipes like Jalapeno Corn bread and pork tenderloin to the natives of that land, Chokecherry Jelly and Elk Pepper Steaks. I could go for some Elk!

I'm really looking forward to reading every single page. Aside from beautiful pictures and yummy recipes this cookbook also has personal reflections of the people living there, and the sweet story of how Tom and Meredith Brokaw made their way to Montana to live. You might recognize the name Tom Brokaw from the evening news.

Big Sky.
Ah, it just sounds wonderful doesn't it?

I'm also going to recommend two more cookbooks I found while at the library. Think Big Sky, but move south to Oklahoma for the first one. Yep, Miss Ree. :)

This isn't a new one by any means but I haven't read it yet. Sure enough it's full of great ideas and delicious recipes. And of course... amazing pictures of their cattle ranch under the Oklahoma sky. It is not helping with my Big Sky fever ;)

And the last one for today - she writes from under a sky obviously... only, not one I'm particularly fond of. Jessica Seinfeld's second cookbook is just as creative and cute as her first. There are a ton of good ideas for yummy ways to make healthy foods! This NYC momma has great quick ideas!

So there you have it. My weekend reading pile.
What are you dreaming about today? And, if you've ever been to Montana or Oklahoma - what did you love the most? Big Sky wanted!!

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