Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dining room re-do!

Drum roll please. No, I'm kidding. It's not that exciting... but I am thrilled to FINALLY be 99% done with our dining room redo. This post has the potential to be a picture overload - so if you are up for it, join me. :)

When we moved to 1st street in October 2013 it was such a blessing to be in a home that for the most part was move-in ready. The previous owners did a great job with paint color choices and stayed with neutrals. Although there weren't many updates - it was at least done, no unfinished anythings. Even our basement has a half completely finished side, which I am so thankful for! But, the paint for some reason which I do not understand - is all flat. At first it was fine, but now that we've been in here going on 2 years this fall... the flat paint has absorbed nine trillion fingerprints and started looking gross. I repainted the kitchen a few months back and now it was the dining rooms turn.

I can't find a great before picture to share. But, just imagine fingerprints on flat painted walls and random whatevers hanging up just to make the room feel like home. :)

This little girl is my right hand man. She loves, loves, loves helping me with my projects and I think that for a 3 year old she does a pretty great job! It's important to me to try and include my girls in our household processes. They get opportunities to learn life skills and it keeps hands busy. August helped me out for a solid 40 minutes before deciding playing with her dolls would be more exciting.

See the difference here. I chose a few shades darker because 1) it hides more 2) the light gray seemed a little too light/white for us. The room took me an entire afternoon to finish painting. I think I ended up doing just two coats - thanks to Behr paint. It's the only kind I use and it covers anything! The color was called Anonymous. Oooh how mysterious.

Finally, finally, after barricading a baby and really getting into it - I got it all painted. Some decor is up, the hutch is moved in! If you missed the story on the midcentury piece you can read that here.

I made these earlier in the year with some salvation army frames, burlap and antique silverware. Super easy, fairly inexpensive and just what I wanted but couldn't find in stores!
There's just have one more wall that I cannot decide on.
The room is small so I don't want to fill up the walls too much and make it seem smaller. But, I also don't want to leave a big ol' blank wall. I have two white shutters that I'm considering hanging up with some kind of wreath. I dunno. For now it's just the pretty dark gray paint. :) I also need to make some curtains - for the window AND our deck doors. But, that's another day.

My favorite part of the room right now is the mini-plate wall. Eventually, over time, I'll keep adding the small plates - a new collection I suppose. Here's what I did for that.

First, recruit your cute and extra helpful middle child. Have her lay out the pop tabs. I used those for hangers on the plates. Hot glue + tabs = cheap hardware!

As far as plates go. You could really use whatever your taste is. I have been collecting them from Goodwill, Salvation army, homegoods, etc. Any time I see an inexpensive little white-ish plate I snag it. I'm also including one from my grandma's china :) Wash the plates and dry them well so the glue sticks better. 

Check the backs of your plates. Some of them are made in really cool places. :)
You can look up these companies online, it's actually really neat.

Once you glue the tabs on, let it dry a few minutes. Then go nuts! I chose a circular layout for now - but will add to it over time and probably just go abstract in the shaping. LOVE how it turned out.

And that's a wrap for now! New paint, new furniture piece, new decoration.  I'm thankful for this home the Lord has given us and the opportunity to create beauty within our walls. Here's to a summer of hospitality and many nights as a family around our well loved table. :)

Blessings friends! Thanks for joining me today!

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