Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray, September!

All my fellow lovers of Autumn are rejoicing today that we have entered the "BERS". September, October, Nov, etc. :) Despite the 90 degree days we'll have for the rest of the week - the calendar does not lie and I'm very much looking forward to all things FALL. I'm proud of myself - it's September 1 and I don't have a single fall decoration out, yet. That's a new record. But after the last few weeks we've had - I have plenty of excuses. Even today I'm sitting here with a spinning head and we've only been awake a few hours.

My morning began EARLY as my husband shook my shoulder and asked me to move the van out of the driveway. Our tandem parking driveway can be slightly annoying. Though I will admit that our world is pretty spectacular at that time of morning before anyone else is moving. But today I was drained so I climbed back in bed. I dozed for a minute or two but couldn't get back to sleep, which is fine because I noticed a 4 year old at my side of the bed ready for the day. We came downstairs and I poured a mug of cider for myself. As I went to open the microwave door to warm it up I saw a fuzzy dark thing run across my feet and right into a mouse trap, thus causing me to react by ripping the handle off of the microwave door and screaming. I may have thrown the handle, too. It's all vague. We (my two older girls and I) just stood there. Did that really just happen?! Thank the Lord it wasn't a snapper trap like we have in other places, but one of those black box kinds. I don't even want to know how they work. After getting my grumpy first born girl off to school I attempted to brew a pot of coffee only to notice our glass carafe has not one, but TWO, cracks in it. Serious?! And things went like that for the next hour or so. New discoveries of broken things, busy baby and little girl, tired mom brain, fear of mice...

For those curious I risked it and brewed a pot anyway and it was fine. Not keepable, but for today, it worked. And boy was that good a good cup of Joe! I didn't even cry because I totally 100% believe that the Lord loves me and cares about even a microwave handle and broken carafe. And what I didn't yet mention was that I seem to have contracted some sort of weird respiratory cold, to boot. Awesome. I think Monday and Tuesday confused themselves.

So begins my favorite season. :)

Ava is back in school in FIRST grade! She loves going and we love sending her. This year she is learning Spanish and we've recently begun piano lessons in hopes she can learn some discipline and keep those busy hands at work. Yesterday she asked me if I knew what a parallelogram was. Geesh!
August and Jane enjoy their time at home with Mom, and I just started preschool with August yesterday. Jane is still not walking and will be 15 months next week. :) Her sisters pretty much haul her around this place. A little spoiled, I think.

I'm ready for the changes coming our way. I'm SO excited about cooler days, new colors, routine and ministry opportunities that start back up.
Yay September!

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