Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our favorite season

Ah, yes. Autumn, we welcome you! I've been waiting since last year :)
Last night I put together an overnight breakfast casserole and threw some apples in the crock pot to make cinnamon apples. {You can find the casserole recipe HERE} Because our week was so jam-packed we didn't get to really celebrate the first day of Autumn on the first day - but, we made make up for it this morning over a big family breakfast! Now it's calm. Tummies are happy. Daddy and baby are napping, my middle girl is deeply into some play and my first born is watching a show on TV. I LOVE these Autumn mornings at home.

The house has been decorated for Autumn. This year I had $0 to spend on anything extra, decoration wise, so it was a good challenge to dig through my bins of decor and place things in just the right spot. I kept it simple! And I love how it looks! Though, I admit, I did spend $3 on a plastic table cloth at Walmart for our dining room table. That poor old beast - it's in sad shape. It's cheaper to use a fun table cloth right now then try and paint it or figure out what our plan is. And speaking of Walmart - if you haven't seen their BHG Autumn collection, check it out! Super cute stuff! And I need to mention that the Pioneer Woman has her collection there now, too. :)

My girls are still growing and changing and making life busy and fun!
Jane is 15 months old, has tons of teeth, finally starting walking and is such a joy. She recently has taken up wrestling her sisters and I'm so thankful they all love each other.

August and I have completed TWO days of preschool so far this year. Ha! I'm so bad at this organized at home education stuff. :) Thankfully, she's a smart cookie and so go with the flow. Recently we were gifted an enormous box of colored beads and she loves making her jewelry! While I do believe math and reading and all of that is so important - this girl loves learning things of the home with her momma, and I'm enjoying having her around during the day. She loves cleaning, cooking, organizing, caring for Jane and all things a little momma would do. :)

Ava continues to thrive in 1st grade! In the near future she'll be doing a cheer clinic at her school and seems to be doing pretty well in her piano lessons on Thursdays. We've entered the stage of life where she is invited to birthday parties and has already enjoyed TWO parties this month! I'm not sure we are ready for it - but, here we go. :)
She's also been asking some good questions about God and creation and general "why" questions. This is so encouraging as parents! We pray that soon she will come to know and Love Jesus as her savior!

Iowa is beautiful in Autumn. Thursday we had some family pictures taken and I fell in love with the field of flowers we visited.
I am truly thankful to the Lord for bringing us here. Couldn't you just spend a few hours sitting right here? I could!

My husband and I are learning so much right now about life and ministry and loving people. It's a busy time in our lives as we serve the teens - using our own house as the meeting location on Sunday nights. We are hosting an adult cell group on Tuesdays and life is really full. I need to sit down and journal everything, someday, when I have the time. But right now I am thankful. I'm thankful for the Lord's love for us, His care, His provision.

Sometime soon I hope to do a post about new book recommendations and thoughts about ministry life. I'd love to hear what you are reading and ways you are involved in your local church!

Happy Fall ya'll!

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Angie said...

Yes, we are welcoming Autumn with open arms too. The weather this week has been so nice. Sounds like you and yours are enjoying all your blessings. Hope you all have a beautiful blessed Autumn.