Monday, July 27, 2009

Cornell Street

Here I sit. It's 1:30 in the afternoon...the baby is asleep for the lovely mid-day nap and I should be scrubbing this house top to bottom. But, here I sit. The last few days my motivation level has been at -49 and my care about the level is even lower. Oh dear. I kind of see myself as an Eeyore. Not in the worrying, negative sense, but in the slow, slug-like movement sense. Here I sit and it's now 1:31.

Bradley loaded up two vans full of teens this morning and headed to IRBC for the week. So, Ava and I kissed him goodbye and then began our week of adventure together by...feeding her breakfast. Wooo hooo! :) She has been in such an amazing mood today and I've just so enjoyed being with her. She dances when there is no music, loves to do this loud whisper talk to her toys and just giggles at everything. It's hilarious watching her grow up and learn. I feel like, and this probably sounds weird seeing how she's all of 7 months old, but, I feel like we have gotten so much closer as she grows up. When she's playing sometimes she'll stop and look up at me like, "hey mom, glad to have you here" then goes back to chewing the life out of a board book or something. I adore the fact that she is a morning cuddler now...and only wants me when she's constipated. :) Another weird thing to read, I'm sure. I just love how she grips onto me for dear life at times and has that trust in me.

Anyway, I guess I should get to the housework...
The house is being shown today and it needs some TLC prior to that. Cornell Street....where the party is at today.

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