Friday, July 10, 2009


First, I need to give you a plug for my hubby's NEW blog (first one!) - look him up, he is Brad Pausley and it's called "The Daily Brew". :) Good stuff to read and think about.

The date is July 10 and we have now lived in Iowa for 15 days. We've already seen so many awesome things happen in our lives, our marriage, and the new ministry. God is good. He is always good and I'm starting to realize that transition is a good time to stop and notice that a little bit more. The temporary housing that we are living in is just perfect for us right now and I find blessing after blessing while living there. First, there is a new dishwasher...I've never had one and never experienced the convenience of loading it up at night and being DONE with kitchen clean up. wow. Also, the house already had a washer and dryer in the basement - which for us is HUGE because our washer died just days before the move. Ava has her first room with a door and its more then 4 ft away from our bed :) This little house is a blessing. A roof over our head and moreso a reminder that God meets our every need in His timing.

Brad started as youth pastor of Saylorville Baptist Church and we are really enjoying getting to know the teens and families involved. It's neat to sit back and watch Brad's passion explode as he considers new ways to lead and train these kids. What a mission and challenge! We were so thirsty for this...and yet, now that we are here we see just how much more we need to cling to God's word and strength. I have a million and one thoughts swirling around in my head tonight and I can't seem to capture them in time... for now, though, I will tell you that we are excited to be Iowans and excited about the transitions.


becky said...

yeah Mandi...what a good report! I've been praying for your transition. So glad that it is going well and that you are enjoying God's blessings and provisions! :)

Justine said...

How exciting!
Yes, and isn't it nice having a dishwasher? We're in our third apartment now since we've been married, and this is the only one that had a dishwasher. I love it!!!