Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It all comes back to who HE is

"For this says the Lord,
Who created the heavens,
Who is God,
Who formed the earth and made it,
Who has established it,
Who did not create it in vain,
Who formed it to be inhabited;
I am the Lord, and there is no other."
Isaiah 45: 18

This morning I caught 5 brief minutes of the Today show. Despite its obvious liberal lean, I have to admit that I still enjoy catching a few minutes here and there. I enjoy their money saving ideas, cleaning reviews, etc. You know...all the home making stuff. And, I enjoy Matt Lauer - we've been watching him since we got married and sometimes I feel like we are related. Weird, but, whatever. Anyway, this morning Meredith Viera was interviewing Ted Haggards wife. If you aren't familiar with THAT whole story - google it, and be prepared to be sad. Long story short - big time mega church pastor turns gay, supposedly. While I don't know all the details, from what I gathered this morning, the couple is in therapy and Ted has repented and turned back to heterosexuality. He was on Oprah (good grief...obnoxious sigh) the other day where he made some kind of statement about how he wasn't having that struggle anymore and had changed. Of course everyone is skeptical, except... his wife. Who just sits so calmly and sweetly and very "pastor-wifeishly" by with her meek smile and gentle nature. Meredith could not understand (very obviously) why Mrs. Haggard was still with Pastor Ted. She kept prying at the question, "why?", "Why stay when in your book you very clearly even state that you were repulsed...." etc. Mrs. Haggard without even a second of hesitation on national television says, "because I love him and I honor our marriage" and a bunch of other things that got drown out in the midst of other morning noise in our home... and while I didn't hear what Meredith's response was...her face said it all. "You Christian folk, are nuts!".

The last few days scripture about WHO God is just blazes through my mind. Random times and people inspire it. This morning, again, while I watched my 5 minutes of morning "news" the Lord again laid it on my heart, "You can love ANYONE because I love you and sent my son for you...". {gulp} So, yes, Mrs. Haggard, you are nuts for loving this man who hurt you so deeply. You are crazy for accepting him back into your life, bed, and home. You are out of your mind to pursue therapy and a continued relationship with this man...according to everything our sinful human nature tells us. But, you are obedient and God bless you. Your humility and grace and outstanding LOVE for this man despite hideous sin is a challenge to me. The way you acknowledge God through this whole situation is outstanding. It all comes back to who God is. Creator of the heavens, architect of the earth, potter of the soul and body of man, God. Because God loves us {and sent His son} we can love anyone...

I had a jillion other little things to chat Ava has bumped up to toddler nursery, deals I found online and the continuation of snow...but, doesn't seem all that important anymore.


becky said...

such good thoughts and a great verse to share about who God is!

Justine said...

I saw that Oprah episode. Many people just don't understand b/c they don't know God. I would hope I would be as obedient as her...not sure that I would...