Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Long Winter... Pausleyland style

Is it really STILL January?

Now before you call me fickle for always talking about how fast every other month/season/holiday goes - and now semi-whining about how slow this one is going... let me 'splain!
Ava continues to have one head cold after another. Now we have one or two days here and there that she feels great and is all smiles and giggles and loves playing, etc. But, for the most part we have been home bound due to snot, coughing and...whining. I am not complaining. I love this season of motherhood as much as the next - however, it is hard. Thankfully, God's grace and strength have been ABOUNDING! I've only felt like I was "losing my mind" twice, I think. {hehe} So, all this to say - when I looked at the calendar this morning I just almost couldn't believe it's only Jan. 13th! I know I'm not the only SAHM out there that battles this time of year - either, so I'm interested in your ideas as to how to make winter with a 1 year old more creative. Do share. :)

Here are some things I've tried to do around the house to 1) Make Ava have a little more "adventure" while not feeling good. 2) Just make the place look a little more cheery.
- Toothbrushing! We hadn't gotten into the habit of this yet, although she already has 8 teeth! 8! So, I instituted toothbrushing. She loved it so much, that for 4 days straight this was her favorite toy and her teeth got quite the attention! This eased MUCH of the whining for those 4 days! (however, the stairs, I think, also got a nice dose of scrubbing with that toothbrush...ugh) You win some, you lose some. In this case I was desperate for a pause in the whining.

Another day... DADDY! Never underestimate the power that Daddy has on any situation. Ava loves her daddy, as do most children I'm sure. But, with daddy, there tends to be LESS whining and some magical healing powers, to boot! Brad took a day or two to go into work a few minutes later so he could give our sickie a little more lovins. He's incredible, isn't it he!? And we thank God he's able to do that every now and again.

This last week we got a huge box in the mail from my parents. It was a brand new glider-rocker! We've always wanted one and it was such a great Christmas suprise! {and a hint for more grandbabies, those sly dogs!} Anyway, this glider came with a ginormous box...perfect for sick princess girls to fill with stuffed animals and play in. :) Although she was only interested in this for 1 day - it was still a really fun way to play for a whole day!

Another day - I thought maybe she was getting bored with just having a basket full of toys. So, I cleaned out one of our bookshelves and dedicated two whole shelves for her favorite things. She knows how to open the door, now, and what a treat to have her OWN shelves! Oh the smiles I got from this little idea.
Makes it worth ALL the hassle. :)

So, yea, just a few things I came up with during this time of feeling like winter will never end. But, still, despite these long hard, cold, days. My heart is still warm to be in my home with my daughter. I'm capturing so many moments in my memory. We are connecting and bonding and learning how to love each other. Every snuggle is a precious gift, each time where she just doesn't feel well and lays on my chest brings me that much closer to understanding this precious little gal. I love being home. I love this life the Lord allows me to have. I wouldn't trade it, winter days, or Ava's colds...for anything. :)


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh -- I know EXACTLY how you feel! Can't believe we're not even really halfway through January yet! Last week I was actually overjoyed to go to WAL-MART of all places -- just for change of scenery!

I've been thinking about starting to brush Lily's teeth -- she is absolutely fascinated with watching me brush mine, and now that she's got her molars and she's eating real food, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea. What kind of toothbrush did you get her?

becky said...

looks like you are beating the winter blues...I love the pictures. We've been having fun with cardboard boxes too :)

beccarankin said...

I understand, as well. :-) Only it is me, not the kiddo's who makes it impossible to get out much. Actually, it is probably harder on them, being so full of energy. The warm weather will make it so much easier.

I remember last year we had a period of about 6 weeks where it seemed like somebody was always sick. My mom is fond of telling me, "This too, shall pass." And eventually it does. :-)

I want to see pictures of your house improvements. Have you done anymore painting? I love looking at the colors people choose!

jingalls said...

i used to have one of those toy pianos you had on your shelf. oh the joys of being a kid again.......... sounds like you're doing a good job being creative with activities. i don't know if ava would understand and enjoy the concept of a fort. either a lot of cushions and blankest or a blanket over a table.