Wednesday, June 30, 2010

28 years

It's my b-day. My 28th b-day, for the record. I was born 28 years ago. It doesn't seem possible that twenty eight years have passed, but, they have - I'm the evidence. And, tho I still feel like 28 is on the young side... I have experienced SO much, loved so passionately and dreamed SO big. My heart has been bubbling full all day. I've been a little weepy, even, just thinking of all that God has used me for - all He's provided and worked out - and, all He has spared me from.

My husband has made this day so special for me. He has taken extra strides to show his love and creativity... I am so thankful for a man who truly cherishes ol' difficult me. Here's how today has gone down:
8am - Breakfast at La Mie. OH MY WORD! The pastries are the size of my head... and the quiche and french pressed coffee are just out of this world. What a precious memory I have now of birthday breakfast with my little family at such a hip place!
9:30 - I'm loading the dishwasher when a cute little Ava monkey walks into the kitchen and hands me a gift bag (a polka dotted gift bag... that my husband knows I love) - Brad picked up one of my fave Yankee Candle scents! He's good! Cinnamon & Spice... yum!

11:00 - Brad STAYS home from work to take care of Ava so this group of ladies (below) could take me out for lunch. We went to the Jade Garden and feasted on amazing chinese food & good conversation. My heart was very full... and the whole way home I turned the radio WAAAY up and sang praises to my God for such a blessing!

I came home to find these waiting for me, from another sweet new friend that thought of me!

(and my birthday present - a new vera bradley bag came in the mail minutes after that...)

Needless to say, I am to the brim full of thankfulness today! The Lord knew I needed this special day & He has blessed me beyond what I even thought possible. God is soo good like that. And, all this before 1pm!


Kristi Stephens said...

What a great birthday!! And well done, Brad! :)

So glad you've been enjoying your day - may God continue to fill your hours with reminders of His faithfulness! :)

beccarankin said...

Happy Birthday! What a super fun one!