Saturday, June 19, 2010

Impact of Grandparents

{Grandpa, Ava, Grandma & Bradley walking to lunch downtown}

2 weeks ago we had Brad's parents in for a visit. It was wonderful to have some family around for a little while - and, Ava just loved seeing her grandpa and grandma for a few days. They live in FL so the visits aren't as ofter as we'd like. But, that's life...

Brad has been so impacted by his dad. Obviously, for ministry reasons - as, Dad Pausley is a pastor himself and has years of stories and situations he can share with Brad to help him learn. But also just as a man, father and person. I jokingly tell them, "Brad is a mini of dad" because they have similar walks, chuckles and tell the same kinds of jokes. We are so thankful for a godly grandpa and dad and we miss him way down in FL! I'm thankful, as a wife, for the influence Dad has had on my hubby. And I'm loving the impact that both Grandpa and Grandma have on my girl. Grandma is the only woman I know that can keep Ava interested in a book longer then 2 seconds, have patience enough to walk around a restaurant with a cranky toddler while everyone else eats... and the list goes on.

Grandparents are a BIG deal! We are so blessed to have several sets... and we praise the Lord for them!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

This is such a sweet post! I agree...Brad is definitely all Pausley! I remember the first time I noticed it, too! He was just a high school kid following his dad around church--with the same walk!
Linda has magical powers with children and books! :) So glad you got to spend time together!