Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What does (italics added) she do all day?

Truth be told... I have been exhausted lately. I don't know what my deal is. And, no, I'm not pregnant. I can't seem to find any extra energy to finish any of the half-done projects I've begun, do more then a few loads of laundry a day, and I just want to go right to bed as soon as Ava does - at 7. I'm not getting into this conversation right now - but - I am starting to see a link between sugar and exhaustion. {gulp} Bad news for me.

But, another reason may be that I'm another year older...tomorrow. Holy Wow. The big 2-8! I can't believe it! I remember when my DAD was 28! I ran around the house singing, "eight eight, the big two eight" over and over like a mad woman. I continued to do that exact song for the next 3 birthdays of Dads... yes, I was THAT child. ;) Anyway, 28 at last. Whew. I will celebrate with a lunch out with friends tomorrow afternoon and a real date night on Friday with the hubs. He's taking me out for a fancy dinner AND a movie!!! It's been ages!
Blah, blah, blah... I'm rabbit trailing.

Today, I did find an hour and a half to plug away on 3 of my current projects. And, can I just give a piece of advice here? Ladies, don't start more then 1 project at a time like I do. I have at least 10 right now and my head is dizzy. But, here's what I did today - some sneak peaks.

I found this "P" at Kohls a few months ago - in black. I don't do black... so, found a beautiful "chalet wine" red today @ home depot - badda bing - here we go! I may distress it, but then again maybe not. I dunno. I do know it will look perfect on our finished front porch, once I wrap up that little project. {sigh} Speaking of... here's a pic of the progress.

Just another coat of paint and some trim - and that part will be done. I wont even go into details of what STILL has to be done - it's exhausting to even think about.

Lastly, I just said I don't DO black - and I meant it. The mailbox and front porch rails are all black and rusty and I just hated it. So, I found a can of brown hammered spray paint and went to town...only to run out before the job was over. Ah, what's one more day?! (blush)
And, here's a quick look at the railing. Gee Golly those heart shaped things just weird me out. Oh well - wont' be replacing them - so spray paint will do the job!

And that's a wrap!


beccarankin said...

It looks great. :-)

I had to chuckle because I paint everything black. :-)

Isn't God so good to make us all so different? And I love the brown!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like fun projects!!