Monday, October 31, 2011

.:Beautiful Things:.

Monday is a day of Thanksgiving around here. Though I haven't been good at getting my "Multitudes on Mondays" up for the last few weeks... I'm still striving to be THANKFUL in all things. While I don't want this weeks post to come across as materialistic or shallow - Today I do want to give thanks for things. Beautiful Things. I truly believe that the Lord loves us to enjoy our lives. He wants us to live abundantly and with joy. Not that things bring lasting joy...but, sometimes... seeing a beautiful thing causes my heart to stir. You? And that comes from God. Creator of all. Creator of beauty.

This weekend I had the opportunity to stop by our local Salvation Army. I have a love/hate relationship with that place. But on this particular day I was feeling lucky and determined - so, off I went. I was looking for copper. Better Homes and Gardens did a spread about using copper in your autumn decor and I was hooked - line and sinker. {ha! Is that even how that expression goes?! HA! I'm totally leaving this in here because I love it.} :) I had the dream of finding a large copper pot. Thats when I realized that copper actually has value and I'm sure I would not be finding one of those. I did procur a few other little gems and hope to have them placed strategically in my home prior to Thanksgiving. The rush is on! And, I'm not sure why...but, Salval's prices have dropped. I mean, really dropped - things were .29 and .49 cents when usually they were 1.99 or something.

I walked out with several copper-ish pieces as well as a few other knick-knacks that caught my eye. I'll say it again... I'm NOT a decorator, though I would love to be. But these little things caught my eye and my heart. For some reason along the crowded shelves in the dirty salvation army they stirred my heart as beautiful things. Things that could have another chance - much like myself. And I'm sure this sounds silly. But I'm thankful to find beauty in the small, unsuspecting places. And I'm eager to share this beauty with my family. So, bag of raffia, cheese cloche, huge basket, random metal wheelbarrow, copper pieces, old tin cup, brown vase and bead berry wreath... I'm thankful for you. And I'm thankful for the little times like this when I find pure joy in life. Simple. Joy.


Another little thing before I log off here.

This weekend hubs and I also took a glance at what lies under our delicious blue carpet. {ick} This is what we found. Keep in mind our home was built in 1914.
We don't know if it's salvage-able or not. We aren't even sure what that green gunk is. We are so very house-dumb about this kind of thing. But, they are REAL wood, and REAL old. Who knows, maybe someday we'll have time and know how to finish these babies and make the dining room look fantastic. In the meantime.... anyone know anything about hardwood floors? We'd love to hire you. We can't pay, but, we'd love to hire you! :)


Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh my goodness! If that hardwood is salvageable (I'm house dumb about that kind of thing too :) it would be GORGEOUS!! You could sand it down and do a rich dark walnut stain...or whatever you wanted. Gorgeous! And...aren't you glad God gave us beauty? He could have made everything boring and dark and grey, but isn't it great that He allows us to express ourselves through art and color? I think so :)

Sally Winn-Bauer said...

Murphy's (wood) oil/soap would be a good place to start. And I just read on Pinterest about using gym wax to seal/protect hardwood floors.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love your little finds! They look warm and fallish!
How amazing to have hardwood floors! I so hope you can polish them up! I don't know anything about floors either, but I do know that running a little handheld sander is really fun! :)