Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day after Day

Life is never predictable. We can write things down in our planners and set dates and expect this and that from to time to time - but, ultimately we are not in control. This has been my constant lesson these last few weeks since my last post. Our house closing date came and went 3 times and day after day we lived in our boxed up home waiting to move on. This past Saturday the reality of moving actually started happening as we moved everything out of 1st street. We had tons of help and within a few hours all of our earthly belongings were packed neatly in a friends basement for temporary storage. I barely had to lift a finger - we have awesome friends and church family.

The next day, Sunday, we took our last stroll through our empty 1st street house - just my husband and I. Surreal to wait so long only to find it finally happening. I, of course, being the sentimental, got choked up several times. This was the house that my babies learned to walk in and where we measured them growing up on the wall in the kitchen. Our first home was no longer ours and it almost seemed like those 4 years didn't even really happen... such a blur. Life is quick. I wrapped my arms around my husband and we praised the Lord for his Faithfulness to us as the chapter closed. The familiar would be gone now as we began our transition.

Today we close on our new house and then in the beginning of September we'll be able to move in. To say that the Lord has provided would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. The Lord has reigned seems more appropriate. Times have been tight, no doubt, but what an amazing time in our lives when we are totally dependent and waiting on the Lord. I know all of life is that way, but I have sensed it more in these days. I could tell you story after story of all the millions of little ways the Lord has shown himself to this Momma...

Like, getting a card in the mail from another Mom friend who says, "I didn't know why I had this much $ left over after grocery shopping this week. Now I do, it's for you." Or, how extended family here has taken us in and given us free reign in their home. Or the day I found $100 check in our mailbox - kind of out of nowhere. The memo line just read, "gift". And I cried and cried and poured the praise back to Father God who gives us all Good things! {James 1:17} A gal offering a bag of winter clothes for my children and friends stepping in to watch our children during all the appointments and meetings tops my list, as well. The Lord is good to His children. Every day I'm reminded.

But it hasn't just been in the material that I see Him working. In my quiet times alone in the word I have seen His love and Grace...the books of Judges and Ruth, of all places. And in the reading of this book, by Margaret Jensen - a story about her mother and how she held things together during their slim days. I was so moved, challenged, and convicted. It was a random choice for me from our church library, and I'm so glad I read it. Story after story about how "Momma" was able to stretch a soup, mend clothing to wear again, wait for God to provide, all while loving her children and honoring her husband had me in tears more then one night. I want to be like that! I want to have the unwavering faith of Mrs. Twetin {Authors mom}.

Then we have my children, 2 and 4. They have transitioned beautifully for the most part. {wink} Though my biggest girl seems to enjoy the volume of her voice more often these days. Even though they are in new temporary rooms, don't have their own toys, etc. they are doing so well. Napping like champs and going with the flow. I am so thankful for this. And because most of our life is packed away in a friends basement - it leaves ample time for me to be with them without distractions. I'm computer-less during the day so we play dress up, read books, watch cartoons, go on walks, have snacks and sometimes drive each other crazy. True story. But it's good! We are learning about all the parks in our current area and per my usual, I'm discovering all the "free" things to do until our next big move. It's a new challenge.

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary, hubby and I. Because of where we are in life there were no roses or fancy dinners or even time out alone. But it was life. He worked all day while I tended the children at home and we ended the evening with our girls at a local park. I couldn't help but count my blessings as I sat on that park bench - it's thrilling to me to see how God is working out and writing our story. I rest fully believing that the next 8 years will have just as many adventures.

Day after day we continue to wait on the Lord and to see His goodness.
So, that's where I've been and where I will be for another half a month. I so value your prayers and look forward to sharing pictures and stories from our new home, here soon.

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