Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keeping Sane.

It's been a rough couple of days and my pounding headache at 10:30am proves that. I'm tired and my kids seem to have endless energy {and naughtiness} and we seem to have no norm at this point. Hubs has had a busy weekend and week getting ready for our fall ministry kick off, we had a death in the family so there were funeral processions, etc. and I don't think the girls have been to bed before 10pm in over a week.

It's okay to admit when you feel like you have slipped beyond the end of your rope. I'm there, too. I admit it. And I praying and asking the Lord for strength for just one more day.

I know that our transition will not last forever.
I know that in these difficult days I'm being molded and changed.

During nap times I've been diving into books about female missionaries through the ages and gleaning such wisdom and strength from them and their testimonies of faith in the Lord. Noel Piper put out a great book called, "Faithful Women and their extraordinary God" which has really changed my whole concept of "comfort".

Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary God    -     
        By: Noel Piper

Oh what a spoiled housewife I can act like some days...when I forget my mission. And when for some reason I am living for COMFORT rather than living for GOD. 

Perhaps later when I have more then 5.89 seconds to myself I'll share a few of the other things I've been learning. God is faithful and I continue to see Him in new ways during this time. And to those sitting there today who, like me, are just trying to keep sane an hour at a time... I'm with ya. His strength is perfect, hang in there!

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