Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Now let's all just be honest.

It's HOT. Heat index of 110 today, and, even living in central air all day... I'm sweating. People think I'm nuts when I yap about how Summer is not my fave. I get gasps and looks and eye rolls. But, folks, let's just be honest... 110 is no kind of fun. For anyone.

Let me show you what is. {grin}
God I love autumn. I'm going to go ahead and finally say that it's my favorite season. :-)

This is absolutely my favorite time of the year! i'm now more determined to move somewhere where this season exists (not GA) 

 fall bucket list.
So for all my fellow yearners-for-all-things-Autumn...

I do love summer. I really do. But I am finding myself longing for autumn once again. :] 
Good riddance, and good bye :)  

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Angie said...

I really do love Fall but I hate Winter and it seems around here Fall just doesn't last long.