Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and the start of a wonderful weekend! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things lately and I'd love to hear what makes your life simpler, or just more enjoyable, as well. 

Health & Beauty
Carmex has this wonderful healing cream that I promise you DOES THE JOB. After handwashing all our dishes for about a month my hands were cracking and red and itchy all the time. I was given this lotion and it is wonderful. It makes me hands so silky smooth, I keep some by my bed for before I fall asleep. 

For the Home:
Pic found on Google
THIS scent... ah. :) It was a whopping $3.97 at Walmart and smells just so so great - a mix of Christmas and comfort. I burn it near our fireplace and you can pick up just enough of the "fireplace" smell, so it works. And at that price - I'll take it! Also, for under $4 you can afford to try the other GREAT scents BHG has come out with. I also love this one in my scentsy pod - it is delish and lasts alllll day just melting away. 

Christmas movies! Our church library had scores of them and I checked out several. :) Including:

And... one of my faves.

Now, I never said they weren't cheesy or maybe just plain silly. But, I'm a Hallmark movie loving kind of girl, so they are up my cheese alley. :) Speaking of cheese - Hallmark is doing their Holiday movies now through Christmas so I'm enjoying that channel during sleepy evenings after kids are asleep. 

Food & Drink:

The red cups are back. I know the 'Bucks has may naysayers, but you cannot say they don't have THE best Eggnog latte around! It's on my Fave's list right now - which is weird because I've never liked it before. :) 

Panera's Broccoli cheddar soup. Oh man, I want to go to there right now. 
We had this for my hubby's birthday lunch and I've been dreaming about more ever since. 
Only, please serve mine in a bread bowl WITH chips dunked down inside. (anyone else do that?!) I so wish I could nail a copy cat recipe at home, but then again, we might have it every weekend. 

Favorite pins on Pinterest:
DIY Craft: Stylish Pinecone Decorations - Bubbly Branches
Easy and cozy ornament ideas.

snowflakes with detail.
Considering a cookie swap this year, reallly wanna try some "perfect" icing! 

Possibly my dining room table centerpiece for December. 

This made me cry this week. It has been a STRUGGLE raising a certain strong willed girl who makes me feel this big. Love the truth that GOD is who we need and want our kids to see! 

So, how about you, friend? What are some of your favorite things right now? Wishing you a wonderful and cozy weekend wherever you are. 

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