Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Through the lens - My family.

I'm always amazed at the skill of photographers. Every year without fail I have at least one child who refuses to comply with family pictures - even with bribes and let's be honest, threats. This year was no different, though, I was suprised at who the nocompliant one was. Normally my biggest girl gives the biggest stink but this year the naughty award goes to this little pumpkin pie - my August. Without further ado, this years photos.

The plan was to have each girl by themselves posing by our lovely back fence. August needed me in her pictures, however. Looking at them now - I'm thrilled about it. This so sums up our relationship. She needs me and I love still having a tiny one. While we didn't get any smiles I still think she's pretty cute.

And our big girl was a rock star! I'm still smiling just thinking about how much she enjoyed this years pictures! My heart hurts when I realize she turns 5 NEXT MONTH. Where, my child, have the years gone?

And, the love of my life... 8 years, 2 states, multiple apartments and houses, 3 babies (one with Jesus), too many cars, so much fun. My partner in crime and on this adventure. And, we are both in our 30's now. Weird.

My family - wow, am I a blessed woman!

Thank you to Pence Photography for a quick and wonderful mini-shoot this month! We are so thankful for these memories to cherish forever!

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