Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stay At Home Mom

It's been the kind of laid back day that I think all homemakers can enjoy. My girls slept in this morning and we had a calm morning of cartoons, crafts, and then a quick trip to the grocery store for baking supplies. I even managed a cup of HOT pumpkin spice coffee during the morning hours. Well, all but the last 1/4c but who's counting? :)

Then, it was baking time. Ahhhh, how I so enjoy it. Mixing and creating and zesting, chopping, churning, to my hearts delight. It's such a great feeling to create something delicious for the ones you love - especially autumn treats, like my Cranberry-Walnut bars. Oh yum are they delish! Buttery, nutty, tangy cranberry-ness all in one bar. They are cooling now and I'm fighting to keep myself away from them until tomorrow. It's one of my FAVORITE fall treats.

Now, to remind you that it's not all bliss and baking - here's a peek at what I have been working on the ENTIRE afternoon while the girls napped. Laundry. I have never been a fall behind on the laundry type of gal, but for some reason I cannot get things whipped into shape around here. I have MOUNDS of clean clothes just waiting to be folded and put away. Am I alone in this? Where you get it all clean but then use your laundry baskets as makeshift dressers until they are dirty again? Bah. I even used one of my huge Vera duffels as a basket today because there is SO much. Who is wearing all of these clothes?! We have so much to be thankful for. Good thing laundry is one of my fave chores.

The ambiance today is calm and relaxed and I just love these days. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom with my children. It's not always calm and easy, actually, it's been really difficult lately. So I'm especially grateful for days like today with yummy smells and clean laundry and sleeping children. It helps to have John Tesh playing Christmas music in the background and Better Homes and Gardens new Fall scents melting in my scentsy pot smelling all yummy too.

Finding the beauty in the every day...

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

Um....I have been behind on laundry since we moved. End of August. I just cannot get it together. I spent like an hour yesterday getting the already cleaned clothes situation under control but somehow we STILL have two hampers full of dirty ones. Ah, well. There are worse problems, right? :)