Thursday, November 7, 2013

Frost on the Roses

I woke up early today - before the sun was up, but not before our little "pet" finches outside were serenading us. :) White, thick, frost was covering everything. For a moment I was giddy as I thought maybe it was the first snow! And though it wasn't - how beautiful it looked - all our neighbors homes with white capped roofs and cars, all the leaves in the yard with that beautiful crystal etched look. Just another reason I so enjoy this season! I could go on and on.

I'm still learning all the features on my camera but one of my favorites is the Macro mode. I can literally stand in my home and take awesome, up close, pics of anything outside. Which, I especially loved on this cold morning. My huge rose bushes were sugar coated in frost this morning and just so stunning! While I was too late to catch any good frost pics - I'm still just amazed at how gorgeous they are after a quick melt. And that they are still budding and growing is beyond me. Simple beauty to remind me of my wonderful creator and His love for me. 

It's a Thursday full of housework and projects and I'm counting it all joy that before it all gets started I got to peek at this pretty scene. Happy Thursday, friends! 

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