Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

 As I look outside my window:::
Sunshine is trying to break through an overcast sky. Lots of birds out today and it makes me think that maybe spring really is coming!

Right now I am:::
Finished my morning bible reading and gearing up to do a quick tidy! HUBBY IS FLYING HOME TODAY! He's been gone all week and we are eager to have him home.

Thinking and pondering:::
It's our annual week of prayer here (at our church) and I'm trying to think of ways to really be involved this time around. Would love to get my kids involved.

On my bedside table:::
My One year Bible
Daughters in Danger by Elayne Bennett
An "In Touch" magazine
Treasuring Christ when your hands are full by Gloria Furman

On my tv tonight:::
I've been watching through "The Paradise" on Netflix. I'm on episode 5! Though, not sure now that hubby will be home if I'll get any further tonight.

Listening to:::
My  2 year old talking to her princess puzzle :)

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Garlic chicken & Potatoes (trying those land o' lakes saute things) -taking a meal to a new mom!
Tuesday - Crock pot ranch pork chops & rice
Wednesday -
Thursday - Oven Fajitas
Friday - Baked Potato Soup & rolls
Saturday - Cincinnati Chili over spaghetti
Sunday -  Left overs.

On my to do list:::
General tidy of the main level
Unload dishwasher and reload
Start some laundry
Paint a dresser for the girls shared room

Happening this week:::
Monday - 5 year old's ballet class, meal for a new mom, visit friend in hospital who had twins!
Tuesday - Taking a family night at home.
Wednesday - Youth ministry
Thursday -  Cell group #2
Friday - Daddy's day off, get some projects done around the house.
Saturday - Plan for Easter

What I am creating:::
Painting some old ugly dressers white, which is taking forever.
Need to whip up some Easter decor for the house
Working on the nursery for baby 3!
My simple pleasure:::
My old industrial wire basket here beside me filled with all good books.

Homemaking tips:::
Oh man, seems homemaking has been hit and miss around here lately. I'm learning to reuse, I suppose. When I used up all our dishwashing packets I kept the bucket to dump the new kind in. Keeps under the sink organized and tidy.

Looking around the house:::
Some small tasks to do and my dining room floor could use a good dust mop run over.
From the camera:::
Loving this book! Gospel meditations for busy moms is such a great way to saying it!

Prayer List:::
Music pastor and his wife as they welcome identical TWIN girls!
Remainder of my own pregnancy, 8 weeks. Eeek.
Hubbys final flight home today!

Bible verse, Devotional:::Really appreciated Gloria's thoughts this morning:
"As mothers we need to train ourselves to focus on the things they are unseen and eternal (2 Cor. 4:18). As we struggle to maintain this perspective and even as we fail to struggle, relenting to the temptation toward apathy, we must look to God's word and believe it, even when we can't feel it." 


Angie said...

You have a busy week ahead!

Sandra said...

I'm having pork chops tonight too :)

I bet you can't wait to see your hubby, and I'm sure by now he's already home so enjoy every second.

Wishing you a wonderful week.