Friday, April 18, 2014

Raising girls. Why I love it and am 100% sure God knew exactly what He was doing.

Previewing our Easter dresses
My girls. 5 and 2 (almost 3!) and truly one of the biggest joys of my day each day. Sure it's hard work, long hours, and ridiculous arguments about hair do's, bedtimes, and eating healthy... but it's a wonderful blessing in my life to raise these ladies.  This afternoon while I watched them dance and play in the front yard - it dawned on me how obviously in control and intentional God is in my life. While I do really know this on a day to day basis... watching my girls was like a thunder clap to my senses in what I believe about God. 
- I love girly girl stuff. Dresses, hair bows, baby dolls and painted nails. Bring it on! 
- Princess movies, dress up gowns and the general color PINK. Still some of my favorite things :)
- A strong dislike of cleaning the bathrooms. While my girls are not without their "messes", after chatting with mom's of boys, I'm positive I would not fare well with the messes I hear about from the other gender. Pos-i-tive. 
- Girl pretend. There is something amazing to me about watching my daughters pretend to be momma's - that nurturing, gentleness they display with dolls or sticks wrapped in blankets to be dolls blows my mind. It's inborn and it's so precious to me. 
And maybe it sounds silly to even bring God into that, but then again maybe not. He so intimately knows me...before I was even formed, to know what I needed to grow and flourish. And one of the big answers is = girls! Even when I feel my inadequacy and insecurities creep in... He knows. He provides the wisdom and strength. Good stuff. 

And while not totally on topic - though I can weave it in... 
I love that my girls really truly appreciate it when I try to be Susie homemaker :) This week I tried my hand at some place mat pillows to spruce up the sitting room. They made me feel like a rock star and couldn't believe mommy could turn a place mat into a pillow!  While they aren't totally finished... they were easy, quick and I love 'em!
Quick tutorial:
Pick up some place mats, I found a package of 4 at TJ maxx for under $10.

Rip the seams open large enough for a hand full of fluff to go through. Fill with the fluff, remembering to get corners fluffed as well. I found the fluff at Joann Fabric with a 50% coupon. And it ended up being on sale anyway for $6 or less.

Rip off the tags, and once you have your desired level of fluff, you just pin it together and resew them shut. That's what I'm waiting to do now - once I dig out my sewing machine from our pit of a basement :) So, 4 brand new, adorable throw pillows for $15 or less - I'll take it! They run for about $15 per pillow to buy premade at TJ Maxx. I'm excited to get them done. 

And lastly, I promise, I may be strange to admit this - but I so enjoy doing laundry. It's one of my fave household chores and prepping for baby girl THREE and getting her clothes ready has me just about giddy. Last week I tackled a pile of badly stained outfits and (AMAZINGLY) all the stains are gone, they've been washed, folded and tucked into the nursery in waiting. Have I mentioned how much I adore baby girl clothes?! And how Oxi clean is a miracle worker?

Thankful for all these things today!

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